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Questions about Kaseware?

Questions about pricing and more? Look here for answers to all your questions. To learn even more, schedule a free demo today so we can personally answer every question.

How Is Kaseware Priced?

Our users find Kaseware is very competitive when compared to other systems. We have saved organizations money while serving as their sole system for data analytics, case management, computer aided dispatch (CAD), evidence management, records management, field reporting and more.

One Flat Licensing Fee
Kaseware charges a flat monthly fee per user for licenses to its software. Multiple factors like hosting options and specific third party add-ons can impact the price, but the pricing will be extremely transparent from the beginning of our conversation together.

This license fee includes all updates, maintenance, emergency support, and bi-weekly engagement from our customer support team to ensure users are achieving the highest level of success with the Kaseware system. As a Kaseware subscriber, there are NO extra fees for new servers, software updates, or functionality.

Potential Setup & Training Fees
There may be additional costs for on-site training, integrations to requested external systems, migration of data from your current system, or custom configurations. Our team makes every effort to keep these costs as low as possible so they are not a barrier to giving your team the system they deserve. Our sales executives will answer any questions you may have on these additional features and configurations.

Where Is The Data Stored?

Kaseware is hosted on a number of cloud and private cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, the most secure cloud computing environments available. All our clients are extremely security-sensitive and we work with our partners to exceed all of our client’s requirements.


How Will Kaseware Protect My Highly Sensitive Data?

The security and privacy of your data is our top priority. Our founders have over 35 years of experience detecting, investigating and preventing cybercrime, and our platform exceeds the most demanding requirements through a comprehensive program that meets the requirements of AICPA SOC 2 Trust Service PrinciplesWe always employ data security best practices such as data encryption at rest and in transit and multi-factor authentication. Read more about our certifications and compliance here.  

Can You Migrate Data Into Kaseware from My Legacy CAD System?

Yes. We can migrate data, often easily and quickly. We will first need to review your current system and how you’d like it to appear in Kaseware. We’ve done a number of migrations with legacy systems, so if your system is on our list, the process may be as simple as the click of a button.  

Can Kaseware Integrate with Other Systems?

Yes. Integrations with third party systems can run the gamut from simple to extremely complex, depending on the system and the methods by which it is integrated into Kaseware. We will first need to review the system in question and the use cases desired. Together we will determine a plan to move forward.

Does Kaseware Have Publicly Available APIs?

Yes. Kaseware has a full suite of publicly available REST APIs. 


Can Kaseware Provide Single Sign On And Which Options Are Supported?

Yes. Kaseware has multiple options to provide SSO, either through external Identity Providers or Directory Service Database.

What UCR/NIBRS Reporting Capabilities are in Kaseware?

Kaseware supports both UCR and IBR reporting. For IBR, we have coded the system to use the the federal IBR guidelines.  However, some states have additional guidelines in addition to those federal requirements. We will work with you and your state organization as needed to ensure the IBR output meets local, state and federal requirements.

Can Kaseware Integrate with NCIC?

Yes. Kaseware allows you to query state and national criminal justice databases for person and vehicle information, for agencies who maintain an active account with one of Kaseware’s criminal justice information service providers. These queries are integrated with Kaseware’s internal search components, allowing you to compare and correlate search/query results, de-duplicate entities, and easily add criminal justice information to new or existing draft documents.

Do You Provide a Publicly Accessible Tip Line?

Yes. Kaseware provides the option to capture publicly submitted incidents and complaints from external users on the public Internet, or your private intranet. The Kaseware public website provides a simple “wizard-assisted” reporting form that will walk public users through the process of submitting information. Once a public submission has been submitted, it will be made available to select users/groups in Kaseware for review and further processing.

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