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Intelligence Analysis Software for Government Agencies

For public safety professionals, by public safety professionals.

Federal government agencies are constantly conducting intensive investigations, encountering challenges along the way that can significantly impact outcomes and efficiency. Fortunately, these groups can streamline processes and maximize efficiency with government case management solutions tailored to their needs.​

At Kaseware, we designed an all-in-one federal investigative case management tool that combines intelligence collection, case management, field operations, as well as analytics and reporting for optimized investigative efficiency. Our platform provides a solution to all your most pressing investigation needs in one location.

​Software for Government Agencies, Designed by Federal Agents

Kaseware was founded by former FBI special agents with decades of corporate software development and public safety experience. Using extensive knowledge and expertise, these agents devised a comprehensive intelligence analysis software geared toward the needs of fellow federal agents.

In 2009, our founders were asked to help an existing team build a custom case management system for the FBI, converting their 1980s infrastructure into a high-tech web-enabled platform. Because the structure of the existing team was creating so many challenges, our team decided to design a new system of their own, called Sentinel, which gained full support in 2010 and launched successfully in 2012, winning numerous awards in the coming years.

Soon, our founders decided to create an even better investigative case management software in 2016 — known today as Kaseware. Our expert team has over 100 years of combined experience in our field, making us a knowledgeable company you can trust.

“Investigator’s dream tool kit.”

Christopher J. McGourty | Executive Director, NAORCA Worldwide

Case Management Software for Intelligence Agencies

Kaseware’s innovative case management software for government agencies is programmed with countless integrated features designed to make your job easier.


When you use our federal case management tool, you’ll have complete access to our comprehensive intelligence database. Through this user-friendly search program, you can instantaneously conduct data and document searches using optical character recognition (OCR). With this technology, you can leverage simple to complex search parameters with ease. Whether you need to enter, locate, or verify data, our streamlined software can do it all.


Self-contained information management systems that are unable to interact with unrelated systems result in information silos. These silos can cause data redundancies, restricted information flow, and organizational inefficiency. Kaseware eliminates data silos by enabling real-time communication, collaboration, and reporting among stakeholders.

Our intelligence analysis software is equipped with customizable task management tools, user dashboards, secure messaging, and records management, enabling you to create powerful integrations and minimize silo-based inefficiencies.


Kaseware’s next-level technology enables users to make crucial connections within data sets using automatic link analysis charts. Through our federal case management software, you can create, edit, and modify nodes, entities, and relationships manually or automatically. You can visually connect the dots between data sets for optimal organization and efficiency.


Using our integrated Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, you can search hundreds of social channels, including social media, open web, deep web, and even dark web sources directly within the software. With easy access to countless online channels, you can effortlessly extract names, emails, aliases, keywords, phone numbers, and other vital information for your investigation.


Geospatial search analysis allows users to automatically search and visualize data to obtain clearer depictions. Through our geospatial views and tools, you can enter individualized search parameters to define anything from geofences to timelines to layers within the Kaseware dashboard. You can also take advantage of heat map tracking, where you can gain rapid insights for public web portals and case data submissions.


You can engage with citizens with customizable web portals. When you activate this feature, you’ll be able to manage tips and concerns from the public within our secure, reliable dashboard. You can also individualize all public submission forms and workflows to your community’s needs to generate the most effective outcomes.


Our robust, full-service software for government agencies will help you centralize your most valuable operations, files, cases, and evidence through a single, cloud-based location. You won’t have to invest in expensive, incompatible tools from multiple vendors. We put everything you’ll need under one economical platform.

Reporting and Compliance for Intelligence Agencies

Kaseware has numerous features that facilitate reporting for government agencies. Our automated reporting technology enables users to create compliant reports that adhere to the United States National Incident-Based Reporting System With Kaseware’s configurable records retention policies, you can feel confident that your organization is compliant with federal privacy laws.

Our platform is compliant with all of the following laws and regulations:

  • Federal Privacy Law, 28CRF Part 23

  • Criminal Justice Information Service Division policies

  • SOC2 Type 1

  • SOC2 Type 2

Invest in Optimized Government Case Management Software

You can maximize efficiency with intelligence analysis software for government agencies from Kaseware. We designed our innovative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence, and corporate security communities solve investigations faster, safer, and easier.

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