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Corporate Security Software

Mitigate risks and better protect your employees, customers, brand, assets & inventory with our corporate security software.

​Corporate Security Case Management Software, Designed By Former FBI Agents

Kaseware was developed by the same team that designed and built the FBI’s global investigative case management system. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience leading diverse teams to success in law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Unleash the power of Kaseware’s world-class security platform and enjoy one cohesive system that combines investigative case management, incident management, analytics, intelligence collection, collaboration tools, and more. By having all these capabilities in one security case management system, your teams can better protect your assets, mitigate risks, enhance duty of care, identify threats, and find threat actors.


Case Management

Custom Workflows
Analytics & Reporting
Task Management

A simple system for teams of any size.

Increase efficiency with customized workflows and forms.

Uncover connections with automatic graphing and link analysis tools.

Collaborate seamlessly with task management and notification tools.

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Fraud & Compliance
Organized Retail Crime
Cyber Security

Close cases more efficiently than ever before.

Reduce risk by centralizing all intelligence in one place.

Easily migrate data for analysis to identify sources of fraud and loss.

Directly search and analyze Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sources.

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Insider Threat

Investigative Toolbox
Link Analysis

World-class investigation management for today’s ever-evolving threats.

Mitigate risks and investigate fraud with cutting edge analytical tools.

Centralize all your data — SIEM, GSOC, OSINT, forensics, disc images and more.

Search in real-time nearly every social media and deep web source.

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Executive Protection
Threat Detection
Alerts & Reporting

Protect your team with world class intelligence.

Enhance your duty of care with automated threat monitoring tools.

Customizable web portals for the public to submit valuable information.

Securely collaborate with layers of access controls and document classification.


Guard Dispatch

Incident Management
Dispatch & Reporting
iOS & Android Apps

Easily manage a guardforce of any size.

Dispatch and manage security incidents in any area of the world.

Complete field reports from your phone, along with GPS tracking, directly within the CAD system.

Seamlessly transition dispatch data to supplemental cases.

Corporate Security Case Management System

Give your teams access to the ultimate corporate security software. Manage operations, easily document everything as well as streamline processes using a flexible, configurable, and powerful investigative case management toolbox.



Configurable Case Management

Suite of robust investigative corporate security tools designed by experienced Federal, State, Local, and Corporate investigators to dramatically enhance investigation efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.

One convenient platform for all your team’s workflow needs including case management, intelligence gathering, evidence, reporting, analytics, and much more.

Customizable workflow and process rule engines offer limitless possibilities for case management configurations.

Ensure intelligence-led operations by allowing your team to document all investigative activities, centralize multi-media files, analyze forensic data, and conduct investigation research directly within the system.

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Incident Management

Notifications and mobile applications allow for real-time collaboration, communication and reporting by all stakeholders.

Eliminate silo-based inefficiencies with customizable tools for task management, secure messaging, retention policies, user and supervisor dashboards, workbox management, favorites, notifications, records management, and per-user access controls.

Automatic graphs and reports make it easy to present information to stakeholders.

Layers of access controls and document classification facilitate secure sharing of data between organizations and individuals.


Dynamic Forms

Eliminate errors and repetitive, duplicate data entries with dynamic auto-fill forms.

Teams can automate complex processes, increasing their accuracy and efficiency.

Users can create any form needed through drag-and-drop editors as well as object relationship editors.

Customize each form to your team’s needs with configurable workflow rules and security access controls.




Link Analysis Made Easy

Find connections by using automatic link analysis charts for any data set in the system.

Visually “connect the dots” at a fraction of the cost of other link analysis corporate security software.

Entities, nodes and connections can be manually or automatically created, edited and modified.

Entity extraction tools are included to instantly recognize and extract standard and custom-defined entities.

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Social Media Search Analysis

Efficiently search data in real-time from nearly every social media source directly through Kaseware’s platform.

Increase social media data useability through the platform’s built-in relationship graphing tools.

Combine social media search data with automatic link analysis to gain previously unknown insights.


Geospatial Search Analysis

Visualize and search all investigation data within the system through automatic geospatial analysis tools.

Rapidly capture clear insights with heat map tracking for case data and non-user web portal submissions.

Easily define geofences, layers and timelines directly from mapping tools within Kaseware’s dashboard.

Leverage both complex and simple search parameters to visualize all data through geospatial views and tools.

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Open Source Intelligence

Centralize disparate OSINT tools into a single graphical database to automate link analysis, timelines, and geospatial analytics.

Instantly search hundreds of social media, open web, deep web and dark web sources for names, aliases, emails, phone numbers, keywords and more.

Import friends, followers, likes, photos, posts connections and other available information directly into Kaseware for analysis alongside case details.

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Complete Searchability

All data and documents in the system are instantaneously searchable through optical character recognition (OCR) and user-friendly search capabilities.

Saved searches can be configured to automatically notify stakeholders of new information.

Leverage both complex and simple search parameters to find, filter and export the data you need at any time.

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Third-Party Integrations

Integrations with third-party sources for everything from surveillance data to social media monitoring, to help collect information on organized retail crime, insider threats, corporate theft, cybercrime, and more.

Kaseware’s API can be configured to make automatic reports and notifications to external partners such as public safety officials.

All third-party data sources undergo the same rigorous security audits as Kaseware. Read more about our Compliance and Certifications here.

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External Data

Integrate Kaseware with your existing corporate security intelligence systems and other external data sources.

Gain efficiencies by having a centralized location of all investigative data such as SIEM, HR, GSOC, OSINT, forensics, logs, disc images, and more.

Integrate, migrate and bulk-import any structured or unstructured data using robust data migration tools and API’s.

Use Kaseware’s automatic graphs and timeline tools to quickly analyze data from external systems.

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Dispatch Operations

Highly configurable dispatch tools can be used to easily dispatch, track and manage security assets through cloud-based tools.

Notifications, messaging, and access controls allow for easy real-time collaboration between security guards and stakeholders.

Responsive design and mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices allow your team to conveniently work anywhere, from any device.

Security officers can dramatically save time with instant identification scanning — scan ID barcode and the information associated with that ID number will be automatically logged into the system.


Public Portal

Activate customizable web portals to easily connect with the public and other non-users.

Securely manage tips and concerns all within your Kaseware dashboard.

Public submission forms can be completely customized to your company’s needs.




Data Flow and Reporting

Data generated by the dispatch module can seamlessly flow to the case management module for follow-up and supplemental reporting.

Mobile iOS and Android reporting allows for a flexible and responsive workforce.

User-defined rule engines ensure any needed workflow, process and reporting requirements can be easily met.

Kaseware exceeds the highest security standards. We’re compliant with both CJIS, SOC2 and use configurable data retention policies to ensure compliance with federal laws. Read more about our Compliance and Certifications here.

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Ready to Learn More?

See what Kaseware can do for your organization. Learn more about our platform, read our blog, or schedule a demo today.

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