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Incident Management Software

Respond to, resolve and document incidents in an integrated platform.

Incident Reporting Software With Kaseware

When an incident occurs, whether it is in the public space, a private company, or anywhere else, responding quickly and recording the incident properly is crucial to resolving the issue safely. The Incident Management tab within Kaseware allows users to do just that, with automatic notification settings to alert users when an incident has been submitted into the system and functions to quickly dispatch officers or security personnel to respond to the event. The Incident Management capability also provides several tools for writing comprehensive reports about an event, and provides many ways to shorten the time it takes to generate reports.

Respond Quickly to Incidents With Automated Notifications

Incidents can be received in a number of ways, whether it is through a Public Portal submission, an integration, or through manually inputted data. Once that information reaches the Kaseware system, notifications can be configured to automatically notify the correct person, providing them with the maximum time to respond. Automatic notifications can be configured in four ways:


Email notifications are easily configured for as many recipients as needed. 


Receive notifications through SMS text messages directly to your phone or mobile device.


Incident reports can be configured as desktop notifications immediately after they arrive in Kaseware.


The mobile app allows users to see all their cases and notifications in one place. To learn more, visit the Mobile App page.

Incident Management For Any Industry

Incidents occur in every industry. Due to differing rules and regulations, the solutions needed to solve incidents in each may differ. That’s why Kaseware’s Incident Management Software was built to be versatile with features to improve the time it takes to attend to and process each incident, no matter the industry.

In law enforcement operations, incident management solutions and dispatch are often closely related. When generating a Law Enforcement Incident Report, forms typically must be recorded first at the scene of the event and then retyped into new forms. This time-consuming process reduces response time and increases the possibility of errors appearing in the transition. With Kaseware’s incident management software, this process is streamlined. Any field filled out can automatically be added as an entity that is saved in the system and will auto-populate into new corresponding fields. Names, addresses, and other entities entered in one report intuitively fill into new fields, removing the need to retype information and also keeping information congruent.

Corporations may encounter security incidents that require immediate attention. These occurrences could include a burglary or loss of goods, data breach, or a physical altercation on a company property. With each occurrence, responding quickly is paramount to properly resolving the issue and reducing harm. Through Kaseware Incident Reporting, a clear and fast pathway is created for every incident to reduce the timeframe for a response.

Analyze Incidents Further With Advanced Tools

Built on a graph database, Kaseware allows all incidents to be displayed in many ways to achieve greater analysis of the event.

Link Analysis Graph with the click of a button. This display shows connections between data points with multiple degrees of separation to uncover links between information that may not be apparent otherwise. This feature is useful for single points of data, or can be used with entire cases, and even links to other entities and cases stored within Kaseware.

Geospatial Analysis Software makes it easy to see your case on a geographical map, with the locations of each item entered with a specific location displayed at once. Adding map filters provides different views to analyze your data, such as traffic maps, local zip codes and counties, and even a variety of topographical maps to understand the conditions surrounding events being investigated.


Utilize An Incident Management Solution Designed by FBI Agents

You can manage incidents quickly and efficiently with incident management software from Kaseware. We developed our premier investigative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and corporate security personnel manage their investigations, incidents, records, and evidence more easily than ever with our suite of advanced tools. Our team has programmed every feature you could possibly need in one centralized space.

Schedule a free demo to see how Kaseware’s incident management software for police and corporations works firsthand.

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