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Mobile App

 Take Kaseware everywhere, accessing and collecting the information you need.


Available On iOS and Android

Download the Kaseware mobile app from the most popular
App Stores


Connect Anywhere

Do your work with your team
from anywhere with the tools
needed for success


Optimized For Dispatch

Manage your remote team
with dispatch features made
for those in the field


Take Your Cases Mobile

With the Kaseware Mobile App you can access all of the information pertinent to your investigative work. Using the same sign on, its easy to login and have direct access to all your cases, documents, notes and data anywhere, anytime. Available on most mobile devices, the mobile app allows for easy data collection through tablets and phones. Collect notes, photos, or videos that can easily be uploaded and know that they will go directly into your case.

Answer Dispatch Calls On Any Device

Optimized for in-the-field work, the Kaseware mobile app gives full control over dispatch operations without the need for anything more than a phone. Simply use a phone or laptop to gain access to a full collection of dispatch features tailored towards quick response times. Receive calls displaying the most important information surrounding the event, link to mapping services, and easily input information directly into the system.


Connect With Your Team Members Anywhere

Connecting with the members of your team is vital to the success of your investigation, and with the Kaseware Mobile App its now easier to connect than ever. Use the in-system chat to respond to messages while you’re working or when you’re away, and easily share documents and other content. To learn more about the benefits and security of the Kaseware Chat feature Click Here.

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