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Search & Query

Don't just find your organization's information, but gain crucial investigative insights.

Accessing your organization’s data easily and efficiently is essential to investigative work. Kaseware offers two powerful ways to query your data, recognizing the need to quickly and easily find information as well as the need for targeted, in depth searching.

Made Compatible For A Multitude Of Uses

The search function’s flexibility allows it to be used in a variety of ways to increase productivity, connectability, and convenience. 

Work Faster

Find complicated data entities quickly and easily, reducing valuable time spent looking for information.


Search allows you to find and collect all the information your organization has collected to create ad hoc reports.

Save Searches

Easily save your search to not only preserve the results from your query, but also to get notified of new results that meet your criteria wherever you are.

Easily Export

Search results can be exported out of Kaseware in a number of formats including PDF’s, table views, or export multiple searches together into a combined PDF.

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Search

Kaseware recognizes search needs can be different for different teams, missions, or steps in the investigation.  To make your team successful, no matter what their situation, Kaseware provides different ways to get to the information you need. 


Quick Search allows you to find any stored data within the system. A search bar at the top of your screen processes keywords and descriptive text to search through all documents, cases, entities, and tags, delivering a list of results instantaneously. 


Quick Search is just like any standard search engine and is best used for instances when you have a general idea of what you want to find, or can narrow down your search in a single keyword. 


Advanced Search provides every possible way to find what you need.  Searches can be specified by layering filters on top of each other to remove unrelated results. Advanced searches can be done broadly, such as a categorical search for all cases with a source field indicated as “arson”, or can become as granular as desired with additional filters.

Do In-Depth Queries With Advanced Search

Advanced Search provides the ability to filter results on any field captured in the data. Through this option, searches can be specified by layering filters on top of each other to remove unrelated results. Advanced searches can be done broadly, such as a categorical search for all cases with a source field including the keyword “arson”, and can become even more granular with additional filters.

Organizations can create custom fields and associate them with an entity. Those same fields can be searched and used as filters on existing searches to provide organization-relevant results every time. The items that are searchable are based on:






Case Types

Last Updated


And More!

Scan Documents And Media

Kaseware’s media scanning technology searches your data, no matter what form it is in. With automated media scanning, anything uploaded to Kaseware is scanned with technology that intuitively matches information already within the system to text within photos, documents, and many other forms of media.

Information extracted from media will be tagged and sorted automatically, saving you time from retyping information by linking numbers and wording to a name, phone number, email, address, or other descriptor. 


Map, Graph, Or Timeline Any Result

Take your searches beyond a list of results and show data visually in a number of ways. Built on a graph database, Kaseware gives users the ability to perform link analysis to match relevant data points together as well as upload all entities within its system to a geographical map.

Geospatial Analysis relates your search results to different styles of map presenting real time data. Choose the map that gives the greatest insight to your investigation.

Link Analysis plots your search results on a graph and visually shows how it connects with all other data living within your system.

Timelines plot your search results chronologically on a dynamic timeline that will adjust with just a click.

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Security On Every Level

Maintain proper security through every aspect of your organization, including the search functions. Through the use of Access Controls, sensitive information within your system can be set to only be accessible and searchable by those with proper clearance.

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