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Link Analysis Software

We’ve made using the most advanced graph database easy.

Working with large volumes of data can pose challenges when you need to understand it quickly. Our link analysis tool solves this issue by converting datasets into easy-to-understand visuals that uncover valuable connections between data points.
At Kaseware, our investigative tools give corporate security, law enforcement, and intelligence communities the insights they need to streamline their investigations, making them faster, safer, and easier

Why Is A Link Analysis Tool Important?

Link analysis — sometimes referred to as graph or network visualization — visually presents entity networks as nodes and links (or edges). Nodes typically represent specific data points, while links depict the connections between them. Understanding those relationships between data points is often even more valuable than the data itself. 
Link analysis charts are a more intuitive, efficient alternative to lists. Investigators in law enforcement and other sectors can use link analysis to explore relationships, reveal hidden links, expose hierarchical relationships, and make connections between various data points, such as:




Web Pages.





The Benefits of Using Integrated Link Analysis Software

Dedicated link analysis software can be useful, but a full suite of investigative tools is more efficient. When you invest in an integrated product like Kaseware, you’ll benefit from:

  • Easy implementation: A suite of investigative tools is easy to implement into your existing systems. Stand-alone tools don’t typically interact well with other investigative tools.

  • Faster information processing: The human brain has a proclivity toward visual information. Link analysis tools present data in the most tangible format for interpretation, helping users identify trends, patterns, and outliers faster and more easily.

  • User-friendly operation: The full suite of investigative tools from Kaseware is designed to be straightforward and easy to use — unlike stand-alone tools that require extensive knowledge and practice to operate properly.

  • Scalability: You can obtain a complete view of your data points or investigate specific connections through one comprehensive chart.

How Link Analysis Is Used Across Industries


Our advanced link analysis tools can be used to support investigations and analytical processes in a multitude of corporate and enterprise environments. Kaseware can be used for missions as varied as investigating complex fraud rings, to threat intelligence analysis, social media network analytics, and insider threat investigations. Our technology enables corporations to identify and analyze connections between any data points they can access to help them understand patterns and relationships that would otherwise be unknown.

Kaseware includes a large suite of tools that support, enrich, and enable better link analysis than most solutions. In addition to link analysis software, Kasweare includes tools such as automatic entity extraction, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), full-text searching, API integrations, structured data imports, temporal & geospatial analysis tools, and OSINT aggregation capabilities.



Educational facilities use link analysis features to automatically merge local and public sources to create detailed charts and graphs.

With this information, school faculty can better identify risks, patterns, trends, and differences within their data. They can use these insights to make more informed decisions. 

Schools often use link analysis software to monitor different enrollment programs and track overall learning effectiveness through characteristics like academic success, attendance, and discipline. They can also visualize school data through student achievement, teacher assessments, and school strengths to discover important insights.

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Law Enforcement and Intelligence

Link analysis is vital in the law enforcement and intelligence fields. Because investigators and analysts have access to a surplus of data, they must have the tools to make sense of it.

With a link analysis tool, law enforcement officials can visualize valuable connections between events, crimes, organizations, and suspects to gain insights for their investigations.

Investigators and analysts often use link analysis for timeline visualization, relationship patterns, geospatial connection, and financial transactions. They also evaluate social networks to determine which criminals are working together and semantic networks to connect related topics.


Experience the Advantages of Criminal Link Analysis Software With Kaseware

You can create valuable connections between datasets and gain essential insights for your organization with link analysis software from Kaseware. Our innovative platform was designed by former FBI special agents, so you can trust that you’re getting the highest-quality technology with all the necessary features for investigative link analysis. We developed the system we wished we had when working in the field.


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