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Professional Services

A Kaseware subscription is not just a product, but a company dedicated to serving your team while using it.

More Than A System, A Solution

Included with every subscription of Kaseware are multiple types of support.  A designated service lead, tailored to know the ins-and-outs of your organization, will provide personalized support whenever needed. From assisting and managing product integrations, to training users and administrators, to configuring the system to the needs of your organization, a Kaseware team member is here to get your team ready and able to use their new tool.

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Consistency of Service

Your assigned service lead will
work with you as long as
you are a customer

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Onsite Visits

Onsite visits allow our team 
to become part of 

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Company-Wide Support

You will be supported by the
entire Kaseware 

Fully Integrated Support From A Kaseware Professional

Some of the things our professional services team can help your’s with are:

Project Management

From kickoff to go live, your team will have an experienced project manager ensuring your goals are met and the system is installed smoothly.

Business Analysis

Your organization’s needs will be understood thoroughly by one of our solution architects so Kaseware is best tailored to your needs.

System Configuration

Not only will our team ensure the system meets your needs, but they will work with your team so they can configure it as well.

Data Migration

As needed, we can help get legacy data into your new system to create the smoothest possible transition.

System Integration

Kaseware can stand alone, but can also communicate with the other systems in your organization and our team can ensure that happens successfully.

Non-Cloud Environment Support

We offer both a SaaS and private implementation options and will support your infrastructure team with our own.


Even though it is easy to learn, we still want to make sure that everyone is comfortable in the new system and will provide a dedicated team member to ensure that goes smoothly.

Ongoing Support

Kaseware support doesn’t end at go live, a dedicated support team will make sure you are successful during the entire length of your subscription.

Specialized Content

Utilize a Kaseware expert to create specialized content for your organization such as dynamic documents, forms, and other system configurations.

Services Aren’t Just Available At The Beginning Of A Subscription

Our services team will support your organization at the beginning of your setup process and throughout all of your investigative work. Many clients find new uses for Kaseware after they start their subscription and delve deeper into the uses of the system.  Our team can help support your initiatives at any point. Your service contact will be with you on your entire journey, so changes to the system can go smoothly and seamlessly without a stop in work and without ever requiring coding.

To see all the different services our team can provide, please visit our Pricing Page to look through the many options available to you.

Talk With One Of Our Team Members Today!

Do you have questions about the services we provide and if we are a good fit for your organization? Register for a free demo to speak with a member of the Kaseware team. You will be walked through a demonstration of the product, the different features available at our different tiers, and the ways that our professional services team can tailor their services and the entire platform to your needs.

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