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Insider Threat Software

Our ever-changing technological landscape has made the insider threat scenario more prominent than ever. Companies and organizations everywhere are vulnerable to data breaches, losses and corruption both internally and externally. With Kaseware’s insider threat awareness software, you can investigate suspicious employee behavior thoroughly and efficiently to monitor and prevent insider attacks.

What Is an Insider Threat?

Insider threats occur when individuals within an organization could potentially use their authorized access to company resources to cause harm, whether maliciously or inadvertently. The term “insider” doesn’t refer exclusively to employees — insiders can also be current or former contractors, business partners and third-party vendors who have legitimate access to a business’s network, data or systems and an in-depth understanding of the organization. 

Internal threats can manifest themselves in any of the following ways:

  • Sabotage

  • Espionage

  • Unauthorized information disclosure

  • Violence

  • Corruption and organized crime

  • Terrorism

  • Resource loss or degradation

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Types of Insider Threats

There are numerous types of insider threats that you should be aware of in your organization, including:

  • Trusted Insider: These insiders malevolently act without influence from any external sources. Individuals in high positions of power are particularly dangerous insiders because of their privilege and exclusive access.

  • Collaborators: Collaborators work with external threats like business competitors and use their insider access to harm their organizations. They may steal intellectual property, commit fraud or encourage espionage.

  • Pawns: These insiders are manipulated into committing malicious activities, usually unwittingly. They may fall victim to spear-phishing, malware attacks or third-party disguises.

  • Negligent insiders: Negligent insiders don’t act with malicious intent, but their carelessness or disregard for the rules results in harm to the company. For example, someone who misplaces a storage device, ignores security patch updates or doesn’t adhere to security policies would be a negligent insider.

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How Do You Monitor Insider Threats?

Your organization can go about detecting and monitoring insider threats in several ways. All of the following are common internal threat management tactics that companies often use to mitigate risks:

  • Employee screening: You can keep tabs on your employees using an employee monitoring software that enables you to pick up on suspicious activity by making staff actions more visible and controllable. These programs keep detailed records of all employee activities in case of data breaches, making it easier to identify the source.

  • Event auditing: Routine audits help companies understand what regular patterns and behaviors look like so they can recognize potentially fraudulent activity.

  • Action approval: You can implement checks and balances by requiring specific administrators to approve employee actions.

  • Team training: Teaching employees to avoid fraud, scams and viruses is a proactive way to protect your company from threats.

  • Threat intelligence software: Perhaps the most effective threat mitigation method is investing in a reliable internal investigation software with a comprehensive suite of protective tools and features that will safeguard your operations against insider threats.

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“Investigator’s dream tool kit.”

Christopher J. McGourty | Executive Director, NAORCA Worldwide

Level up Your Insider Threat Program With Kaseware

At Kaseware, we developed threat intelligence software that helps users conduct internal investigations securely and efficiently. Our streamlined platform has dozens of features within a single cloud-based source.


Our investigation team management software enables real-time collaboration, reporting and information presentation among stakeholders. This feature includes customizable tools that you can use to promote messaging security, retention policies, task management, notifications and records management. You can also implement per-user access controls and document classification to facilitate secure data sharing between organizations and individuals.


With our open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools, you can gain valuable insights into your fraud investigations by instantly searching hundreds of open web, social media, deep web and dark web sources for the names, emails, keywords, phone numbers and aliases of those who have attracted suspicion. These features are ideal for finding leads and next steps for your internal threat investigations.


Our threat intelligence software integrates with third-party sources to collect information on insider threats, organized crime, cybercrime and corporate theft. Kaseware’s application programming interface (API) is configurable for report and notification automation, sending these resources to external partners like public safety officials and law enforcement.

All third-party data sources undergo meticulous security audits to ensure the utmost protection.


Kaseware’s insider threat awareness software allows you to create connections between entities, such as people, organizations and geolocations through our link analysis charts. Using this tool, you can generate, edit and modify nodes, entities and relationships across complex datasets and visually connect the dots to gain valuable insights into your internal investigations by uncovering patterns and abnormalities.


You can track, manage and dispatch your security assets through Kaseware’s internal investigation software. This feature includes access controls, alerts and messaging between security guards and stakeholders so you can contact security personnel quickly and easily in the event of insider threats. Our dispatch tools also feature instant identification scanning, which facilitates automatic identification logging through barcode scanning.

Investigate Employee Behavior With Threat Intelligence Software From Kaseware

You can monitor, prevent and resolve insider threats within your organization with Kaseware. Our streamlined investigative platform was created by FBI special agents to accomplish with other software could not within a single solution.

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