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Reporting & Dashboards

No other reporting tools needed, Kaseware has what you need to understand all your data.

Dashboards Tailored To Your Mission

No matter your role, the Kaseware dashboard can be configured to visually show the information most important to your work and make it easily accessible when you first login. With a drag and drop builder, modules can be added, moved, and resized to fit your exact preference and are easily changed anytime.


Completely Customizable - No Code Needed

The home dashboard utilizes a drag and drop builder to give users full control over the personalization of their dashboard. Easily rearrange modules to feature the most important data first and resize blocks to fit to your exact needs.


Add The Information Most Important To You

Modules on the home dashboard can be added or removed at any time. Choose from a list of displays to make the investigations, items, entities and data relevant to you visible each time you login.

Stay On Top Of Daily Tasks

The “My Work” tab is set to appear at the top of all home dashboards. Here, a collection of all items you have created or been assigned to will appear, as well as requests linked to you. 

Convenient Access To All Your Cases

Don’t waste time locating your work. Adding the “Open Cases” module to your home dashboard lets you easily view the investigations that you are a part of and access them with a single click.

Dashboards Tailored To Your Mission

No need for a third party analyst.
Kaseware Reporting lets your whole team visually customize your data and better understand it with a click.

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Relevant Reports On Day One

Kaseware comes with out of the box reports available to you on the first day of use.  These are developed both by industry experts as well as a team familiar with all the ways Kaseware is used with all of our different clients.

Leverage custom SQL and ETL tools

While all the drag and drop capabilities make reporting in Kaseware easy to use, we also realize that there are times when more advanced capabilities are needed.  Kaseware can provide advanced users the ability to use SQL statements and ETL tools to provide maximum flexibility to users.  


There is so much more to Kaseware’s reporting capabilities that we can’t wait to show you.  Please schedule a demo here to see all the ways we can support your team.

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