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A Secure Case Management Platform

We're on a mission to make your job easier and the world a safer place

An Investigative Platform for Your Whole Team 

Kaseware is the premier investigative platform for law enforcement, government, and corporate security. Developed by the same team that designed and built the FBI’s global investigative case management system, our team has over 100 years of experience leading diverse teams to success in the intelligence community. We built the system we wish we had when doing mission-critical work.

Our secure case management platform easily handles your operations, cases, records, evidence, and more, while providing convenient features like dashboards, link analysis, the ability to work securely from any location, and intelligent forms so you never have to fill out duplicate information again. Our goal is to make your job easier and the world a safer place.

Incredible Solutions

We empower public, private, and non-profit sectors to quickly resolve their most complex investigative issues. Click on the boxes below to learn more about how we assist Corporate Security and Government operations around the world with secure case management.

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Incredible Value

Kaseware combines case management, intelligence collection, analytics, and more in a simple cloud-based platform. With all these capabilities in one cohesive system, we help our customers work more efficiently and safely than ever before.

Save Money

Save time and money by consolidating into one affordable investigative case management platform. We won’t nickel-and-dime you as we make the product better over time.

Save Time

Work more efficiently than ever before. No more headaches of dealing with multiple software systems.

Complete Peace of Mind

Work wherever the job takes you, whether that is in the office, field, or even at home. Never worry about maintenance or downtime. Plus, we provide unlimited assistance and regular product updates.

Incredible Features

Manage your in-field workforce and organize quick responses with Kaseware’s real-time operations software

Mobile App

Take Kaseware mobile everywhere, accessing and adding to the information you need

Public Portal

Provide a safe and secure means for those involved to tell their side of the story

Link Analysis


Graph cases and entities to show links between data points

Investigative Case Management

Easily build and manage cases, exactly formatted for your organization

Geospatial Analysis

Visually display cases and entities on a variety of maps and overlays

Administrative Controls

Kaseware can be used as is and is also fully customizable

Records Management

Easily comply with your regulations and rules without custom code

Secure Communications

Critical missions demand quick, secure communications between team members

Reporting & Dashboards

No other reporting tools needed, Kaseware includes customizable reporting modules on your dashboards

Evidence Management


Your evidence  integrated to everything else within the system

Search & Query

Quickly and easily find information as well as perform targeted, in-depth searching

Incident Management

Respond to incidents quickly and get context from all your data

Document Management

Have the documents you need with easy-to-use form builders

Task Management

A tool for users to communicate, collaborate, and find investigative success

Professional Services

The team to help you install the product, configure your platform, and support your team using it

API & Integrations

The tools to integrate to the systems that your team needs

Incredible Platform

Our platform is more than just investigative case management software. We include nearly every investigative tool your team needs, plus many other features you didn’t even know were possible.


Everything from GSOC operations management, to evidence, to investigative case management, to analytics is combined to enable easy and secure collaboration across all levels of the organization.


Our dynamic, auto-fill forms mean repetitive duplicate forms are a thing of the past. Plus, convenient features like instant identification scanning, mobile accessibility, and geographical awareness will help you minimize tedious data entry.


Connect the dots in your data. Use automatic visualization tools like pie charts, timelines, maps and link analysis to discover new patterns. Present your findings to key stakeholders with beautiful charts.

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