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Incident Reporting Software

With incident case management software from Kaseware, you can easily capture, manage and investigate incidents within your community or organization. Our advanced solutions allow users to centralize their incident reporting into one streamlined solution, enabling them to optimize reporting analysis, speed and efficiency.

We developed our, industry-leading, innovative intelligence platform with a comprehensive suite of intuitive tools and resources that intelligence, corporate security and law enforcement communities can use to optimize their operations. Whether you’re looking to manage records, evidence or processes, our state-of-the-art software can help.

What Is Incident Case Management Software?

Incident case management software is a digital solution that manages, monitors, analyzes and stores information into one centralized location, preventing the need for manual case management. By keeping all of these vital details in one place, users can more easily visualize data, leverage information and build reports. Case management software also gives all your staff access to all the same resources, facilitating better communication.

Incident and case management systems can record all the following data types:

Incident management solutions also combine processes, people and technology to systematically track and manage incidents. By keeping tabs on different occurrences, users can better identify problems, determine their roots and facilitate rapid response and prevention.

Case notes


Client communications


Contact information


Multimedia files




Incident management solutions also combine processes, people and technology to systematically track and manage incidents. By keeping tabs on different occurrences, users can better identify problems, determine their roots and facilitate rapid response and prevention.

Engage and Capture With Easy-to-Use Tools

With Kaseware’s streamlined incident case management tools, you can take advantage of a comprehensive assortment of unique features that will allow you to capture valuable, pertinent data for your organization more easily.


Team Dashboard

Easily collaborate with configurable tools for task management, secure messaging and per-user access controls.

A simple system for teams of any size.

Increase efficiency with customized workflows and forms.

Uncover connections with automatic graphing and link analysis tools.

Collaborate seamlessly with task management and notification tools.

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Fraud & Compliance
Organized Retail Crime
Cyber Security

Close cases more efficiently than ever before.

Reduce risk by centralizing all intelligence in one place.

Easily migrate data for analysis to identify sources of fraud and loss.

Directly search and analyze Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sources.

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Insider Threat

Investigative Toolbox
Link Analysis

World-class investigation management for today’s ever-evolving threats.

Mitigate risks and investigate fraud with cutting edge analytical tools.

Centralize all your data — SIEM, GSOC, OSINT, forensics, disc images and more.

Search in real-time nearly every social media and deep web source.

Manage and Respond to All Levels of Incidents

You can streamline incident case management using our software’s workflow personalization features. Our convenient platform can accommodate all of your team’s workflow needs, and it includes customization features for limitless case management configurations. 

This system allows you to create notifications for new cases, case assignments, due dates, case activity and other case management incidences. With Kaseware, you can better gear your system toward your organization’s individualized needs, allowing you to manage any incident that comes your way.



Find Connections Quicker

You can use our incident case management software to identify significant connections between incidents by visually mapping related people, places and assets. Kaseware uses automated link analysis charts to map out any dataset by physically connecting the dots between points. Through this software, you can manually or automatically create and edit entities and nodes to gain greater insights.

Our incident management solution enables further connection establishment by analyzing multiple silos of data at once, such as social media data and public records. The Kaseware platform joins all information into a single source that reveals critical relationships and connections noteworthy to your investigations.

Make More Informed Decisions With Intelligent Security Reporting Software

When you use incident and case management tools, you can promote more proactive incident management by identifying trends and determining the most effective responses and prevention methods. By spotting these recurrences and creating connections between them, you can learn from previous incidents, implement mitigation programs and allocate suitable resources to minimize them in the future.

Our intelligent security incident reporting software also features customizable user, supervisor and public dashboards that you can use for effective case management. These dashboards offer numerous insights into incidents and enable real-time collaboration, communication and reporting between stakeholders, giving individuals the resources they need to make the most informed incident case management decisions.

Use Streamlined Incident Management Software From Kaseware

You can actively monitor, report, analyze, prevent and respond to pressing incidents with incident management solutions from Kaseware. We designed this intuitive platform to promote optimal speed, safety and efficiency in your investigations. Developed by FBI special agents, this software comprises all the tools and features we wished we had when handling critical cases.


Schedule a free demo to begin using Kaseware today.

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