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API's & Integrations

Maximize insight by getting the maximum amount of data into the system.

A Platform Built For Seamless Integrations

Kaseware’s platform is filled with many powerful tools to lead your team to investigative success, and can become even more capable when integrated with other systems. Built to be compatible with a variety of software, joining Kaseware with the systems essential to your organization is easy and straightforward. 

To assist with these integrations, a Kaseware member will also provide well documented API’s for your IT Team, or preferred service provider, to build what you need. Additionally and to ensure success, they have the ability with you to make sure that the other system’s data is uploaded and stored properly. To learn more about the many benefits our professional services team can provide your organization, Click Here.

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Out Of The Box Integrations

The proper tools can both support your team and improve your investigative reach. Kaseware has many powerful integrations available for users out of the box to give organizations whatever they need to be successful, no matter their field of work. One powerful tool offered is ShadowDragon.

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ShadowDragon is a best-in-class cybersecurity solution that maps, correlates, monitors and documents digital activities on publicly available information online. Their goal is to fortify the capabilities of investigation teams with applications that speed the safe collection, correlation and verification of diverse artifacts in the open, deep and dark web. Two powerful tools from ShadowDragon are available to Kaseware users:

SocialNet is a data collection tool that scans publicly available data from popular social media platforms, maps out online identities through that data, and can visually display connections between those identities through Kaseware’s Link Analysis Software.


OI Monitor allows you to set alerts for certain keywords. As the tool searches across the world’s open data, you will be notified at the appearance of keywords, allowing you to identify threats before they become problems.

Fully Supported Data Migration

Your organization’s data is crucial to the mission-critical work that you do, and properly formatting, transferring, and storing that data is fundamental to a smooth transition into a new system. During the Kaseware onboarding process, your designated service lead will work with you to analyze the amount of data and its formatting to ensure a proper migration occurs. When needed, data can also easily be exported out of the system in a variety of formats and reports.

Utilize A Platform Built To Expand To Your Needs

Kaseware can stand alone, but can also communicate with the other systems in your organization and our team will ensure that happens successfully. We developed our premier investigative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence agencies and corporate security personnel manage their investigations, incidents, records and evidence more easily than ever with our suite of advanced tools.

Ask our team how we can help you leverage all those tools and combine information from other systems to make them even more powerful.

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