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Evidence Management Software

The ability to manage your evidence in the tool in which you manage everything else.

Decades of technological advancements have made it faster and easier to collect, catalog, track, and present evidence in court. Today, law enforcement can convert physical evidence like fingerprints, weapons, and blood into digital evidence. These developments have undoubtedly benefitted law enforcement communities, but they’ve also created some challenges. Though generating digital evidence has become practically effortless, many police agencies don’t have an evidence management system.

Organizations often have to retrieve, copy, and file evidence numerous times — a process that can be slow and time-consuming. Using digital evidence also raises questions regarding originality, permanence, and tampering. Fortunately, law enforcement officials can facilitate reliable, efficient evidence management through a streamlined evidence management system. These complete end-to-end inventory tracking systems are designed to support physical and digital evidence with optimal efficiency.

At Kaseware, we offer evidence software for law enforcement with countless innovative tools to make investigations faster and help your team properly manage evidence.
 Developed by former FBI special agents, our platform has everything we wished we had when handling cases ourselves.

What Is an Evidence Management System?

Evidence management systems enable law enforcement agencies to handle digital and physical evidence without paper. These systems offer an easier, more efficient way for law enforcement agencies to submit, manage, present, and discard items. By streamlining evidence management, these solutions make it easier to prove event circumstances for an investigation based on the relevant items.

Fast, Secure Evidence Tracking From Anywhere

When you choose Kaseware as your evidence management software of choice, you’ll be able to handle your physical and digital evidence from anywhere at any time.


Our top-of-the-line evidence software provides a centralized location for investigative data, enabling users to log evidence more efficiently than ever. It comes with intelligent auto-fill features that eliminate the need to manually input multiple items for the same case number. With faster evidence management techniques, you can generate new leads, reveal crucial connections and ultimately solve cases faster.​


When using Kaseware’s evidence inventory software, you’ll be able to access logged evidence with or without an internet connection. Our mobile-friendly platform is also compatible with iOS and Android devices, such as smartphones, computers, and tablets, allowing you to view and manage evidence in the workplace or the field. Our software can configure itself to any screen size and works with personal and work devices.

Intelligent Evidence Software

Our intelligent evidence management software makes handling, analyzing, and presenting evidence simple and straightforward with many state-of-the-art features.

You can use our automatic link analysis tools to create connections between data points.

With this feature, you can quickly discover relevant relationships between your evidence and entities, such as suspects, location, and organizations, and view all related links with charts that depict datasets by visually connecting the dots. When using link analysis, you can create and modify nodes and entities automatically or manually to better understand how certain evidence plays into your investigation.

Kaseware enables users to prepare evidence for court by ensuring the highest level of regulatory compliance.

We emphasize the importance of data and privacy protection, validating our evidence management system with third-party audits to maintain compliance with all Criminal Justice Information Service Division (CJIS) policies. We adhere to these specifications for all types of evidence, including items collected through recordings, body cameras, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, and other sources.

Workflow Configuration

Implementing our evidence control system into your agency means minimizing automation and workflow challenges.

With our evidence software for law enforcement, you can initiate and monitor evidence requests using custom workflows that you can personalize to fit your investigation needs and objectives. Our workflow configuration tools allow you to create automatic alerts that will notify you of new evidence requests, upcoming due dates, request fulfillmen, and other convenient reminders.

More Than Just a Barcode

Kaseware’s platform uses modern barcode technology to launch and handle chain of custody documentation and deliver automated notifications for incidents like overdue checkouts and evidence disposal. These barcode technologies allow law enforcement agencies to create custom evidence reports without the time commitment of manual documentation.

Our evidence management software allows users to scan evidence identification barcodes to automatically log all associated information into the system, including photos and attachments. You can also use these barcodes to transfer evidence between locations, check items out of the evidence room or conduct physical inventory.

Utilize Innovative Evidence Software Designed by FBI Agents

You can handle your evidence securely and efficiently with evidence inventory software from Kaseware. We developed our premier investigative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and corporate security personnel manage their investigations, records, and evidence more easily than ever with our suite of advanced tools. Our team has programmed every feature you could possibly need in one centralized space.

Schedule a free demo to see how Kaseware’s evidence software for law enforcement works firsthand.

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