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Fraud Investigation Software

Fraud investigations are highly complex cases where illicit activities like theft, abuse, and waste can heavily impact an organization, its employees, customers, and shareholders. When corporations deal with the negative effects of fraud, they can experience reputation damage and financial repercussions that can make or break a business. 

Whether you’re investigating fraud within your own organization or handling a case for a third-party company, it’s vital that you have dependable investigative software with the tools and resources necessary to expertly navigate complex fraudulent activity.

With Kaseware’s fraud investigation software, you can detect fraud and manage cases with optimal efficiency. 
This platform was developed by former FBI agents who leveraged their many decades of knowledge and experience to create the investigative platform they wished they had in the field. 

Understand the Risks and Prevent Corporate Fraud

With fraud investigation and compliance software from Kaseware, you can use our comprehensive suite of intuitive tools to detect and counteract fraudulent activity before it impacts your organization.


You can prevent potential fraud risks using Kaseware’s intuitive dashboards with actionable insight delivery. Our built-in user and supervisor dashboards enable users to manage public concerns and tips securely and efficiently. This platform also features numerous customization options that let individuals implement various notifications, access controls, record management tools, and secure messaging features for maximum fraud protection.


You can discover crucial links between data with our link analysis tools. Our platform helps users expose fraud by analyzing large datasets and identifying connections between entities, such as people, accounts, transactions, aliases, messages, and geolocations, using link analysis charts.

Kaseware’s link analysis features enable users to manually or automatically generate, edit, and adjust nodes, relationships, and entities from complex datasets. Our software includes entity extraction tools that instantaneously recognize and withdraw standard and custom entities and create visual connections through straightforward charts. With these features, you can gain vital insights into your fraud investigations by identifying patterns, relationships, and abnormalities.



Faster Resolutions Through Centralized Data Intelligence

You can resolve fraud, theft, and compliance cases quickly and efficiently using Kaseware’s all-in-one fraud investigation software.


Many fraud investigation platforms store data across multiple applications, leading to information silos and investigative inefficiency. Our fraud monitoring software stands out from other tools because it allows users to centralize all internal and external data into a single location. This economical solution can consolidate multimedia files, logs, intelligence tools, disc images, and other data under one overarching platform.


You can gain valuable insights to further your fraud investigation cases with Kaseware’s open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools. Collect intelligence by searching our database of hundreds of dark web, deep web, open web, and social media sources. Through these sites, you can derive names, aliases, phone numbers, emails, and keywords that may generate significant leads for your investigation. 

Our OSINT platform also includes built-in relationship graphing tools that combine automatic link analysis and social media search data to divulge previously unknown information in real-time.

Close Fraud Cases More Efficiently

Kaseware gives you the resources you need to close even the most complicated fraud, theft and compliance cases with the utmost thoroughness and accuracy.

Compliant Reporting

At Kaseware, we understand the importance of data security and protection. We designed our investigative tools with compliant reporting features to ensure that all documents adhere to federal privacy laws. Our user-friendly employee compliance monitoring software helps organizations create reports and customizable records retention policies that uphold all National Incident-Based Reporting System regulations.

Our certifications and compliance commitments include:

Federal Privacy Law 28CRF, Part 23.

System and Organization Controls (SOC) Types 1 and 2.

Criminal Justice Information Service Division (CJIS) specifications.

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Configurable Workflows

Kaseware minimizes workflow and automation challenges by keeping users on track with customizable workflow options. These features ensure that individuals are working quickly and thoroughly with easy tracking, recording, and alerts that notify them of upcoming due dates, new assignments, completed tasks, and more. Configurable workflows also help streamline tip management, pertinent information storage, and loss prevention.

Automatic Case Intake

nstead of spending time on menial administrative tasks, you can automate case intake through Kaseware. Our theft investigation software has numerous case intake options within a single software that transfers investigation alerts, referrals, and tips directly to your system. Our intuitive software also assigns cases based on predetermined criteria, recommends resources, and balances workloads, managing your cases from beginning to end.

Improve Fraud Investigations With Kaseware

You can prevent and resolve fraud investigations more efficiently with fraud investigative software from Kaseware. Our scalable platform employs many next-level features that benefit intelligence agencies, law enforcement and corporate security organizations alike.

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