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Task Management Software

A space for both collaboration and accountability.

Successful investigations do not come from filing papers, but from a coordinated team effort. Kaseware has advanced tools to support your team in coordinating and focusing on your work. 


Maintain focus on a similar
goal throughout your
entire organization


Consolidate information related
to an investigation into
the same place


Ensure your organization
follows proper rules
and regulations

Tasks For Personal Use

A list of your personal tasks keep you up to date on all your daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities. Tasks from your team will be displayed on the home screen of your platform so that they can be easily checked and edited.  Those same tasks will not only define the work that needs to be done, but guide you to the form, case, or other activity required for completion.

Tasks On The Case Level

Tasks can also be assigned at a case level and will be visible to anyone granted access to that case, allowing team members to communicate and collaborate together on items within an investigation. Tasks can also be assigned to multiple cases, linking work between items that may share evidence or media.  This feature helps keep a team on track and aware of what’s required to complete their mission critical work.

Supporting Supervisors as They Support Their Teams

Supervisors get the benefit of seeing all the tasks that their team is working on to help manage workload, track deliverables, and get a sense of the team’s productivity.  This built-in analytic capability is built by a team that not only were investigators themselves, but built what they wished they would have had when managing their own investigators and analysts. 

Tasks can be used in a variety of solutions

"I am going on PTO shortly and want to make sure my duties are handled properly while I am away. I can assign tasks to my colleague to help them remember what to do."

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