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Geospatial Software for Investigations

Maps take you where you need to go, our’s take you to investigative success.

With Kaseware’s geospatial software, you can convert large datasets into organized geographic maps that reveal valuable insights — including everything from illegal activity to program effectiveness. Our innovative platform features a comprehensive suite of geospatial tools, coupled with other intuitive analytics capabilities and case management features in a single streamlined source.

What Is Geospatial Analysis Software?

Geospatial analysis software is a group of mapping technologies that create, manage, analyze, and plot various data geographically. The software connects your datasets to maps to reveal patterns in location-based data. It also allows analysis of key indicators such as socioeconomic trends and environmental events by creating layered maps that enable users to better analyze complex data collections.

Geospatial datasets are any sources of data with locational data attached to them, such as ZIP codes, addresses, coordinates, or cities. You can derive geospatial data from GPS systems, telematics devices, geotagging, satellite imagery, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) augment understanding of relationships, patterns, and geographic context, helping improve decision-making, communication, management, and efficiency.

GIS solutions serve numerous purposes, including:

Identifying geography driven problems.

Forecasting traffic.

Monitoring geographic change.

Setting priorities based on crime patterns.

Managing and responding to events in real time.

Understanding trends.

Geospatial Intelligence To Benefit Any Industry


Though geospatial tools are used across virtually every industry, they have become particularly valuable for law enforcement agencies. Rather than requiring new systems for data collection and storage, Kaseware enhances law enforcement’s ability to use this information already in the system.

Geospatial software gives law enforcement officials an easier, less expensive means of visualizing crime data, enabling them to make more informed decisions and accurately assess existing strategies.

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Whether it is a retail company working to prevent lost merchandise, an executive security team trying to understand threats, or an executive determining how to allocate resources, geospatial analysis software is critical for identifying trends that make organizations and their teams safer. Kaseware not only provides these capabilities, but merges them with case management, link analysis, and other tools to support your investigation.

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Map Efficiently With Geospatial Analysis Software From Kaseware

You can analyze data and save money with geospatial analysis software from Kaseware. Former FBI special agents designed our streamlined investigative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence, and corporate security communities solve cases faster, safer, and more efficiently.

Book your free Kaseware demo today.

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