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a person using the kaseware software on their phone and computer

Seamless Mobile & Tablet Integration

For easy field reporting

icon for link analysis

Automatic Graphical & Link Analysis

Detect patterns and connect the dots


Collaborate Across All Team Levels

From command staff to administrators


Seamless Mobile & Tablet Integration

For easy field reporting


“Investigator’s dream tool kit.”

Christopher J. McGourty | Executive Director, NAORCA Worldwide


Make connections and improve productivity. Save the headache of maintaining multiple platforms and finally enjoy a cohesive user experience with your team. And gain graphical and link analysis at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

We are former FBI Special Agents, who also happen to be software engineers, on a mission to make your job easier and the world a safer place. 

We do this by providing a system that provides your team:


We come from decades of law enforcement and corporate security experience. As a result, we built the system we wish would have had. One that saves money, time, lives, and solves more crimes. And most importantly, it makes you and your community safer than ever.


Kaseware is more than a product, it’s a partnership. We are standing by at all hours, ready to make your team the strongest it can be. We provide extensive training in addition to unlimited support.

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