What Is An Investigation Management System?

Feb 27, 2020 | Technology News

By Stephen Delp

One Platform, Many Uses

When people ask me about Kaseware and what we do, the conversation frequently involves the phrase “investigation management.” Our platform can be thought of as a toolbox, or a “Swiss Army Knife,” that is designed to do many things, one of which is to manage investigations.

We don’t describe our platform as having one official purpose, because it has so many different applications. We are experienced investigators and we designed our tools to meet of the needs of investigators everywhere.

Each investigator’s needs tend to be slightly different and we customize our platform for each client. For example, some use our software just to manage their dispatch operations, others for records management, others for tip line integration, and others just for the analytic capabilities. But for most customers, Kaseware is used for all of these things and more. These customers consider Kaseware to be an Investigation Management System. And the question we often hear is: What is an Investigation Management System?

Finding Unknown Truths

An investigation can be thought of as “an organized and systematic initiative to find a hidden or unknown truth.” No matter what someone is investigating, that definition will generally apply. Some investigators are searching to find people who committed crimes, others are searching for risks to an organization or parties responsible for leaking information, but they are all an organized initiative to find something that is not yet known.

Unfortunately, most investigators around the world lack the tools necessary for their investigations to be organized and systematic as this definition requires. That is where Kaseware comes in. The tools in Kaseware are designed to organize and enable investigators to increases their abilities to find unknown truths.

The three intrinsic aspects of Kaseware can be summarized as 1.) Process, 2.) Intelligence and 3.) Analysis:


Kaseware contains a variety of tools that make investigative processes more efficient and effective. Within Kaseware an organization can create and manage their own reports, documents, forms, workflows, rules, permissions and access control settings. Investigators can streamline and centralize all of their processes and policies within our toolbox.

Popular Process Features:

  1. Case Management (see Video)
  2. Supervisor Dashboard (see Video)
  3. Integrated Tip Line
  4. Work Anywhere, From Any Device
  5. Mobile & Tablet Integration

Case Management

Supervisor Dashboard


Kaseware serves as a central repository and mechanism for collecting and organizing intelligence. Investigators can integrate, search and upload data from third-party systems such as OSINT collection systems and other technologies used by the corporation (HR, email, disk images, log files etc.) from directly within Kaseware. Any information or attachments entered through the investigative process will be automatically enriched, made discoverable and linked to other related data points.

Popular Intelligence Gathering Features:

  1. Social Media Intelligence (see Video)
  2. Drivers License Scanning (see Video)
  3. Real Time Operations View
  4. Integration with Third Party Systems such as OSINT
  5. Complete searchability of All Kaseware Data
  6. Integrated Tip Line

Social Media Intelligence

Drivers License Scanning


By using Kaseware for their investigative processes and intelligence collection, investigators can seamlessly analyze all of the available information in one system. For example, the information documented about an interview using Kaseware’s process tools will be automatically linked to data collected through Kaseware’s OSINT tools and other integrations. The investigator can then easily analyze the timeline and geospatial data, as well as links between significant findings.

Popular Analytics Features:

  1. Link Analysis (see Video)
  2. Timeline Analytics (see Video)
  3. Geospatial Analytics
  4. Team Management Analytics
  5. Workload Analytics

Link Analysis

Data Analytics

Over the last year I have had the privilege of working with investigators in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. Our platform’s intuitive merging of tools has proven to be invaluable for them in their initiatives to combat fraud, theft, human trafficking, and organized crime. It never gets old seeing our client’s faces light up when they realize how much of a force multiplier Kaseware can be for them.

Stephen Delp is the Corporate Account Executive at Kaseware. He is a veteran and seasoned security and safety technology enthusiast and implementer.