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Gang Intelligence and Activity Tracking

Gangs are becoming more and more prominent nationwide, with an estimated 30,000 gangs and 850,000 gang members across the United States — and those numbers are only increasing. These groups are creating numerous challenges for law enforcement agencies, partaking in illicit activities like drug-related crime, burglaries, property vandalization and violent crime. 

With the rise in gang-related offenses, many agencies have turned to gang activity monitoring software to streamline crime detection and prevention methods. These technologies make it easier and more efficient to organize data, recognize patterns, make connections and enhance reporting, improving overall efficiency for gang-related policing.

At Kaseware, we’ve developed our gang activity software with dozens of integrated tools and features that help investigators solve cases faster, easier and safer.

Linking Increasingly Complex Gang Activity

High-quality gang activity monitoring software features link analysis tools that enable users to identify and understand connections between intelligence. This feature produces detailed charts that visually map out links between entities, such as suspects, geolocations, transactions and messages. 

Kaseware’s platform allows individuals to automatically or manually generate, edit and modify nodes, entities and connections from complex data sets before creating intricate graphs. These depictions are useful for uncovering hot spots for gang activity and discovering significant patterns, relationships and hierarchies.

You can also link complex gang activity by searching, monitoring and recognizing connections through social media in real time. Combining social media search data and automatic link analysis charts helps investigators discover previously unknown insights regarding gang-related cases.

A Complete, End-to-End Solution

Your gang activity monitoring software should optimize investigative processes, making them faster and easier. Kaseware’s platform accomplishes this task with numerous innovative features and capabilities.

Intelligence Centralization

Some investigative technologies store information across many different applications, creating information silos that can lead to overall inefficiency. That’s why you should invest in gang activity software that allows you to centralize your internal and external data into one location. Centralized intelligence makes for more efficient, economic investigations, compiling logs, tools, disc images, multimedia files and other valuable data within a single solution.

Compliant Reporting

You can better support gang activity prevention programs with innovative reporting tools. With easily customizable reports, you can easily present information to stakeholders so you can gain the proper funding for your enforcement initiatives.

Kaseware comes with compliant reporting features that ensure all documents adhere to United States National Incident-Based Reporting System regulations.

Case Management

With a full investigative case management platform, you can manage and accommodate your team’s individualized workflow needs effectively and securely. Gang activity software with case management tools is ideal for customizing and automating workflow while allowing team members to document gang activity, analyze data, centralize files and conduct research directly within the system. 

Minimize Crime With Gang Activity Sofware From Kaseware

You can streamline your investigations with gang activity monitoring software from Kaseware. Developed by former FBI special agents, our revolutionary platform comprises all the features we wished we had when navigating our own investigations. We created our next-level software for corporate security, intelligence and law enforcement communities alike.

Book your free demo to begin using Kaseware today.


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