We’re engineers on a mission — to make your job easier and the world a safer place.


Kaseware’s founders Dorian Deligeorges, Nathan Burrows, and Scott Baugher have a combined 35 years of law-enforcement and private-sector information technology experience.

They met as Special Agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2004. After working cases in the field, in 2009 they were asked to represent the FBI on a large existing project that was building the FBI’s case management system. The three had just joined at a time when the project was struggling; it eventually stalled.


Seeing no other alternative, Dorian, Nathan, and Scott began developing a new system. They worked quietly during downtime, evenings, and weekends. By Spring of 2010, they presented their functioning prototype to the FBI’s CIO and other Bureau executives. They won enough support to continue their efforts. In July of 2010, the FBI issued a full stop work order to the existing project and officially sanctioned their project in October 2010.

The three were assigned as development and deployment leads. Their new team only needed a handful of the best software engineers, compared with the original project’s previous pool of 350 contractors. The team created a scalable enterprise system with document authoring, workflow, searching, link analysis, and geospatial features.

The system, named Sentinel, was deployed across the FBI in July of 2012. Sentinel fully transitioned the Bureau from paper to digital records management, and now maintains all records and evidence for FBI cases.


As a result of their work, Kaseware’s Founders received the FBI Director’s Award in 2012 and the Attorney General’s Award for IT Program Management Excellence in 2013. Additionally Sentinel received the Computerworld Honors Program Laureate in 2013. Perhaps the most important achievement, Sentinel has significantly increased the daily production of investigative content. This has freed countless Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts for the most important work: keeping the American people safe.


Building on this success, the founders of Kaseware resolved to bring cutting-edge incident, case management, and integrated analytics technology to the larger corporate security and law enforcement communities. They founded Kaseware in 2016 and have been rapidly growing ever since. 



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