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We used our decades of experience to build our dream platform.


Kaseware is the premier investigative platform. It easily manages your investigations, cases, records, evidence and more, while providing convenient features like analytics, drivers license scanning, and auto-fill so you never have to fill out duplicate forms again. We come from decades of law enforcement and corporate security experience. As a result, we built the system we wish we would have had — one that makes your job easier and the world a safer place. Learn more about our platform here.


Kaseware was founded by former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents who have decades of public safety as well as corporate software development experience. Our story begins over a decade ago at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC.


In 2009, after working many successful years in the field, our founders were asked to assist the FBI on a large existing technology project. This project was to build a custom case management system for the FBI. The goal was to transform the Bureau’s case management system from 1980’s mainframe technology to a modern, web-enabled platform– something the agency desperately needed. Kaseware’s founders joined the project at a time when it was struggling and in need of a new direction.


Seeing no other alternative, our founders began developing a new system on their own. They worked quietly during downtime, evenings, and weekends. By Spring of 2010, they presented their functioning prototype to the FBI’s CIO and other Bureau executives. They won enough support to continue their efforts. In July 2010, the FBI issued a full stop work order to the existing project and pivoted support to our founders’ project in October 2010.

Our founders were assigned as development and deployment leads. They used a dozen software engineers, compared with the original project’s previous pool of about 350 contractors. The team created a scalable enterprise system with document authoring, custom workflows, complete searchability, link analysis, and geospatial features.

This new system, named Sentinel, was deployed across the FBI in July of 2012. Despite all odds, the project launch was successful. And to this day, Sentinel still maintains all the FBI’s records management. 


As a result of their work, Kaseware’s founders received the FBI Director’s Award in 2012 and the Attorney General’s Award for IT Program Management Excellence in 2013. Additionally, Sentinel received the Computerworld Honors Program Laureate in 2013. Perhaps the most important achievement, Sentinel has significantly increased the daily production of investigative content. This has freed countless Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts for the most important work: keeping the American people safe.


Building on this success, the founders of Kaseware resolved to build an even better incident, case management, records management and analytics platform. Only this time, their goal was to bring it to everyone in the broader corporate security, law enforcement, and non-profit investigative communities. They built their dream investigative platform and founded Kaseware in 2016.

The company has been rapidly growing ever since. The platform is now used by police departments around the world, Fortune 100 Companies, and many international non-profit organizations. Their mission is to make the world a safer place by continuing to develop the ideal case management system for intelligence organizations everywhere.


Chief Executive Officer

Dorian Deligeorges

Dorian Deligeorges is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the original founders of Kaseware. Previously, Deligeorges served as a Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI. In addition to investigative work, he led the software engineering team that designed, built, and deployed Sentinel, the FBI’s highly acclaimed investigative case management and intelligence analysis system that serves tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Dorian was recognized with the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Information Technology by the United States Department of Justice in 2013 and the FBI Director’s Award for Excellence by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2012. His writings on agile software development have been published in the IEEE Information Technology Professional.

Prior to joining the FBI, Dorian worked as an Information Technology consultant. Dorian graduated from the University of Missouri at Rolla with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He later earned a Master of Science Degree in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.


Nathan Burrows

Nathan Burrows is the President and one of the original founders of Kaseware. Prior to Kaseware, Burrows was a Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) managing the development and deployment of the FBI’s case management system, Sentinel, which currently serves tens of thousands of users worldwide. He earned the FBI Director’s Award and Attorney General’s Award for successfully transitioning the FBI from paper records to secure digital records.

As a Special Agent, Burrows led multi-agency and international investigations of computer intrusions, fraud, and crimes against children. As a part of his investigative duties, Burrows was selected for the FBI’s Cyber Action Team, which is a small, elite team that deploys internationally to investigate the largest and most sophisticated computer intrusions. Burrows earned a Computer Science degree and started his technology career as a Systems Administrator with Lexmark International.

Chief Operating Officer

Korinne Condie
Korinne Condie is the Chief Operating Officer at Kaseware, working in partnership with every client to design, implement and support a customized Kaseware solution. After graduating from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Korinne spent the first ten years of her career working as a government contractor where she managed operations and provided technical system engineering and support for a classified United States Air Force program. In 2012, she was awarded the 2012 Industrial Partner of the Year for Buckley Air Force Base.

With a move out of the government arena and into the private sector, Korinne moved into leading operations, first in the Financial sector with Visa and then for a small startup in the Media, Entertainment and Financial industries. Now at Kaseware, Korinne is dedicated to ensuring all clients have the results to prove they are successful in achieving their goals.

Chief Business Officer

Mark Dodge

Mark Dodge is our Chief Business Officer. He manages all business related activities at Kaseware. Mark has spent five years in the public safety and security software industry, following his career as an intelligence officer. He is a decorated veteran of the United States Navy with an MBA from the University of Michigan and BS in Economics from the United States Naval Academy. Mark is determined to bring the best technology possible to law enforcement and security professionals around the world.

Chief Strategy Officer

Dave Brant
David L. Brant is our Chief Strategy Officer and also the Chair of the Kaseware Advisory Board. Dave has over four decades public, private and nonprofit experience in the law enforcement and homeland security space. Brant was a Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent for nearly 29 years. He held numerous positions during his NCIS career, culminating in serving as Director of NCIS for eight years. During Dave’s tenure as Director, NCIS underwent the most dramatic transformation in the Agency’s history. Post the terrorist attacks on USS Cole and on 9/11, Dave led the establishment of a Multiple Threat Alert Center, a combating terrorism directorate and nationwide law enforcement information sharing initiatives across local, state and federal levels.

Most recently, Brant served as the Chief Operating Officer of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Board and Executive Director of the National Law Enforcement Museum. He also served as Managing Director of BDO’s Public Sector Practice as well as a Managing Director in Deloitte’s Federal Practice. Brant has always been passionate about law enforcement technology and his goal at Kaseware is to bring this incredible technology to as many professionals as possible.

Executive Vice President

John Gill

John Gill is our Executive Vice President of Business Development. Gill is a career security executive with over 30 years of experience in both public and private sector security management, including senior positions in the Secret Service, Chief Security Officer at the White House, Global Director of Security for Soros Fund Management/HHS, LLC, and an executive in private sector business development and consulting. Gill is a recognized authority with a deep professional network throughout the domestic and global security intelligence directorates.

In addition to advising Kaseware, Gill also serves as an advisor to numerous security-oriented technology and consulting firms. He is a member of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the Association of Former Agents of the US Secret Service (AFAUSSS).


Kaseware is honored to have an incredible team of advisors. Our advisors are true leaders in their field, hailing from military, public safety and corporate backgrounds, with both substantial domestic and global experience.

Francis X. Taylor

Principal at Cambridge Global Advisors

Taylor has over 35 years of distinguished public and military service, serving as Chief Security Officer for General Electric, and then Under Secretary for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis under the US Department of Homeland Security.


James "Jamie" Higgins

Director Of Global Security at Emigrant Bank

Higgins has over 29 years of service in the realm of global investigations, security, crisis management, risk management, and international affairs, including being an Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives within the Department of Justice.

Jody Weis

Private Security Consultant 

Weis is a career security executive with over 40 years of experience in both public and private sector security. He spent more than 23 years serving in the FBI. Additionally, he served as the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department and pioneered Accenture’s US Public Safety practice. 

Brad Brekke

Corporate Security and Law Enforcement Leader

Brekke has over 35 years as a visionary leader in the corporate security industry and the public sector, including VP/CSO for Target Corporation and interim CSO for the Mayo Clinic. In addition, he has served as a senior executive in the FBI establishing the first Office of the Private Sector under the Director’s Office.

Tammi Morton

Raytheon Technologies VP & Chief Security Officer

Morton has over 35 years of distinguished security experience. She has held many executive leadership positions for Hewlett-Packard, the Bill and Melinda Gates Estate, Merck & Co, Amoco Corporation, as well as nine years as a Special Agent with NCIS.


Doug Scott

Public Safety & Security Advisor

Scott has over 40 years of law enforcement experience including serving as the Chief of Police for Arlington, the City of Fairfax and Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, as well as the Assistant Inspector General for Program Integrity for the US Department of Interior Office of Inspector General.

Jim Ballard

Chairman of the Board for Preferred Systems Solutions

Ballard has over 45 years of exceptional experience working in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, and civilian federal markets. Having served over twenty years in the US Navy and several decades as an executive in the private sector, his experience and skill sets are second to none.

Kevin Brock

Public Safety and Cyber Security Entrepreneur

Brock has over 35 years of experience in the public safety and intelligence communities. He was a career FBI agent and rose to the level of FBI Assistant Director of Intelligence and then Principal Deputy Director for the new National Counterterrorism Center. He now consults for national security technology companies.

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