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Common Business Cases

Kaseware was developed by the same team who designed and built the FBI’s global investigative case management system. Our team has over 100 years of experience leading diverse teams to success in law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Unleash the power of Kaseware’s world-class security platform and enjoy one cohesive system that combines investigative case management, incident management, analytics, intelligence collection, collaboration tools and more. By having all these capabilities in one cohesive platform, your teams can better protect your assets, mitigate risks, enhance duty of care, identify threats and find threat actors.

Case Management
Custom Workflows
Analytics & Reporting
Task Management
Fraud & Compliance
Organized Retail Crime
Cyber Security


Give your teams access to the ultimate security-practitioners platform. Manage operations, document everything and streamline processes using a flexible, configurable and powerful investigative case management toolbox.

Investigative Case Management

Configurable Case Management

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  1. Robust workflow & process rule engines allow organizations to design the case management system that works best for them.
  2. User-defined drop downs, labels, tags, display names and case types offer limitless possibilities for case management configurations.
  3. Access control features and rule engines can ensure any data security requirements are met.
  4. Configurable tools for task management, secure messaging, retention policies, user and supervisor dashboards, workbox management, favorites, notifications, records management, and per-user access controls.

Investigations Management

Supervisor Dashboard

  1. Access a suite of investigative tools designed by senior Federal, State, Local and Corporate investigators and leaders.
  2. Automatically generate timelines, document all investigative activities, centralize multi-media files and analyze forensic data.
  3. Perform intelligence collection operations directly within an investigation.
  4. Automatic link-analysis ensures previously unknown connections are identified and brought to the investigator’s attention.

Dynamic Forms

  1. Users can create any form or document needed through drag/drop editors and object relationship editors.
  2. Design and apply workflow rules, process rules and access control configurations to forms and documents based on type and user groups.
  3. Activate public or private web-portals for non-users to submit information through custom-defined forms and workflows.


Open Source Intelligence

  1. Centralize disparate OSINT tools into a single graphical database to automate link-analysis, timelines and geospatial analytics.
  2. Instantly search hundreds of social media, open web, deep web and dark web sources for names, aliases, emails, phone numbers, keywords and more.
  3. Import friends, followers, likes, photos, posts connections and other available information directly into Kaseware for analysis alongside case details.

Third Party Integrations

  1. Integrate existing technology stacks to centralize and more-easily analyze intelligence and security related data.
  2. Kaseware API can be configured to ingest and share data with other security-based systems such as SIEM, SOAR, DLP, UAM, Forensic and OSINT systems.
  3. Search query and ingest data from external systems directly from entities, graphs and investigations within Kaseware.

Data Migration Tools

  1. Commercial off the shelf tools to migrate any amount of structured or unstructured data into Kaseware.
  2. Analyze disparate data sources to find connections and intelligence that would otherwise remain unknown.
  3. Automatic link analysis features can be leveraged for any data set.


Link Analysis Made Easy


  1. Link charts and connections can be automatically generated for any data in the system.
  2. Entities, nodes and connections are automatically created and can be manually created, edited and modified.
  3. Entity extraction tools are included to instantly recognize and extract standard and custom-defined entities.

Compete Searchability

  1. All data in the system is instantaneously searchable through OCR, Elasticsearch and dozens of search algorithms.
  2. Saved searches can be configured to automatically notify stakeholders of new information.
  3. Leverage both complex and simple search parameters to find, filter and export the data you need at anytime.

Geospatial Search Analysis

  1. Visualize and search all data within the system through geospatial analysis tools.
  2. Define geofences, layers and timelines directly from mapping tools in the system.
  3. Leverage both complex and simple search parameters to visualize all data in geospatial views and tools.

External Data

  1. Integrate, migrate and bulk-import any structured or unstructured data using robust data migration tools and API’s.
  2. Use Kasewares analytical tools to find connections in any data set available.
  3. Integrate Kaseware’s database with your existing reporting and business intelligence systems.


Dispatch Operations

  1. Highly configurable dispatch tools can be used to dispatch, track and manage security assets through cloud-based tools.
  2. Notifications and mobile applications allow real-time collaboration, communication and reporting by security guards and stakeholders.
  3. Intuitive features like mapping, driver’s license scanning, and common locations make dispatching security guards both cost effective and easy.

Data Flow and Reporting


  1. Data generated by the dispatch module can seamlessly flow to the case management module for follow up and supplemental reporting.
  2. Mobile reporting allows for a flexible workforce on iOS and Android devices.
  3. User-defined rule engines ensure any needed workflow, process and reporting requirements can be easily met.


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