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Law enforcement personnel have the critical job of protecting their communities from danger. As threats within these localities become more complex, it’s crucial that these agencies keep up with growing safety demands. With law enforcement case management technologies, officers can better meet their investigative needs by managing critical operations, documents and data through one comprehensive solution.

Kaseware is your reliable destination for law enforcement intelligence tools that set the standard for innovation, optimization and efficiency. We designed our case management and analytics platform with streamlined case management features and innovative system capabilities that improve organization, mobility and safety. Our all-in-one investigation software is ideal for conducting Use of Force investigations and handling other important cases accurately and transparently.

Our premier investigative platform was developed by experienced law enforcement professionals, including former FBI agents who contributed to the design of the FBI’s global investigative case management system. We created Kaseware with the intention of building a system we wished we had ourselves when doing mission-critical work.

Law Enforcement Agency Challenges

Our software is designed to provide solutions to the everyday challenges that law enforcement agencies face.


  1. The Need for Transparency

    People’s distrust of the government has grown significantly in recent years, causing communities to demand greater transparency within law enforcement agencies. This increased skepticism has lead to the need for better community policing and protection of officers and those they encounter.

    With user-friendly intelligence tools from Kaseware, your officers can better identify victims and suspects. Officers and those they interact with will have a greater awareness of the situation at hand. Our software is equipped to deliver detailed criminal history records and other vital information so your team can prepare for any occurrence.

  2. An Economical Software Solution

    As law enforcement agencies undergo budget cuts, they’re often forced to allocate resources in a way that could potentially jeopardize public safety. Our law enforcement software enables these organizations to consolidate their systems into one comprehensive, affordable platform. Kaseware delivers maximum value to law enforcement officials by compiling all tools, records and features in one place without the need to go through multiple vendors.

  3. Eliminating Information Silos

    Many case management systems store data across numerous programs and handwritten logs instead of aggregating information into one system, resulting in information silos.

    Our law enforcement investigation software eliminates these silos by compiling data in one comprehensive application. At the same time, it protects confidential investigative information. Kaseware minimizes the need for time-consuming transcription and window switching, boosting overall organization and efficiency.

Law Enforcement Intelligence Tools by Kaseware

Kaseware’s law enforcement software features innovative intelligence tools that your agency can use to improve operational efficiency during investigations.

Streamline Operations

Supervisor Dashboard

  1. Our law enforcement tools can help your team streamline operations and enhance investigative capabilities. Because our platform is designed for ease of use, it enables officers and investigators to work within it from the field without experiencing difficulty. This software also automates search capabilities, saving hundreds of hours normally spent manually searching for records, evidence and other vital data.
  2. Kaseware helps law enforcement agencies further optimize their operations with character recognition tools that prevent record duplication, repetition and errors using dynamic auto-fill forms.

Obtain Actionable Intelligence

  1. Our software features intuitive crime analysis capabilities that help agencies proficiently develop actionable intelligence. Our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools comprise a single graphical database that enables investigators to automate link analysis, geospatial analytics and timelines. It also allows users to analyze relationships between entities through instant web searches that can provide names, emails, aliases, keywords, phone numbers and other critical information that will help officers identify threats in the most timely manner.

Police Investigative Management Tools

Our suite of robust investigative management tools is built to enhance safety and efficiency for law enforcement agencies with advanced customization capabilities.

  1. Configurable Workflow Rules

    Our case management platform provides users with limitless opportunities for workflow customization, including configurable rules for more effective team management. You can also create individualized supervisory dashboards to facilitate task management. With our comprehensive assortment of highly customizable tools, you can eliminate silo-based inefficiencies and enhance workflows.

  2. Customizable Access Controls

    Kaseware has a customizable per-user access control feature that enables individuals to limit who can access what information within the database, helping agencies keep valuable data out of the hands of unauthorized persons. This enhanced cybersecurity measure employs user authentication and authorization processes to ensure that users are who they say they are, ultimately protecting data from malicious intent and preventing significant losses.

Our convenient tool also allows users to share vital information amongst teams, making it easy to deliver documents, records and evidence to other personnel.

Invest in Streamlined Law Enforcement Investigation Software From Kaseware Today

You can improve investigative processes and efficiency within your unit with law enforcement case management tools from Kaseware. Our streamlined software provides users with a surplus of valuable resources through a single source. Designed by real FBI investigators, our intelligence platform incorporates an innovative design tailored to the needs of government agencies and corporate security organizations.

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