Geospatial Criminal Software

With Kaseware’s geospatial criminal software, you can convert large datasets into organized geographic maps that reveal valuable insights — including everything from illegal activity to program effectiveness. Our innovative platform features a comprehensive suite of automated tools, intuitive analytics and case management features through a single streamlined source.

What Is GIS Software?

Geographic information systems (GIS) are mapping technologies that create, manage, analyze and plot various data. This software connects datasets to maps through location-based data and descriptive information. It also uses socioeconomic trends and environmental events to create layered maps that enable users to better analyze complex data collections.

GIS data is a form of geospatial data, which refers to information with a geographic component. Geospatial datasets have various locational data attached to them, such as ZIP codes, addresses, coordinates or cities. You can derive geospatial data from GPS systems, telematics devices, geotagging, satellite imagery and the Internet of Things (IoT).

GIS solutions serve numerous purposes, including:

  1. Identifying geography-driven problems.
  2. Forecasting traffic.
  3. Monitoring geographic change.
  4. Setting priorities based on crime patterns.
  5. Managing and responding to events in real time.
  6. Understanding trends.

GIS software augments the user’s understanding of relationships, patterns and geographic context, helping them improve decision-making, communication, management and efficiency.

Geospatial Investigative Tools in Law Enforcement

Though geospatial tools are used across virtually every industry, they’re becoming particularly valuable for law enforcement agencies. Rather than replacing their data collecting and storage processes, these technologies enhance their ability to use this information.

Geospatial criminal software gives law enforcement officials an easier, less expensive means of visualizing crime data, enabling them to make more informed decisions and accurately assess existing strategies. 

Map Crimes and Quickly Analyze Data

GIS software allows law enforcement agencies to map valuable data points, such as arrests, suspects and crime scenes. Using security data analytics, these tools help officers identify spatial patterns and criminal activity hubs.

For example, law enforcement officers can prioritize policing areas with high drug activity based on where those crimes are most prevalent according to GIS. If police identify locations where drunk driving occurs frequently, they may place sobriety checkpoints around those sites. They can even cross-reference crime data from numerous sources like incidents, suspects and accidents to identify series of crimes that appear to be connected.

With insights from geospatial investigative tools, law enforcement can better analyze data and determine an appropriate course of action to prevent crimes from occurring.


Save Costs With Efficient Investigations

When law enforcement agencies make faster, more informed decisions based on security data analytics, they ultimately save their departments money. Instead of exhausting their budgets on ineffective programs, these organizations can use GIS software to ensure that all existing initiatives are making a difference. These tools also boost investigative efficiency, helping law enforcement officials solve cases faster.

Using geospatial investigative tools to generate location-based analytics helps law enforcement officials better determine how to allocate their resources. For example, suppose GIS technology indicates that burglaries typically occur in a specific neighborhood. In this case, officers can deploy relevant resources like patrols and security cameras around that location. Geospatial criminal software ensures that law enforcement agencies are using their resources as effectively as possible.

“Investigator’s dream tool kit.”

Christopher J. McGourty | Executive Director, NAORCA Worldwide

Map Efficiently With Geospatial Criminal Software From Kaseware

You can analyze data and save money with GIS software from Kaseware. Former FBI special agents designed our streamlined investigative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence and corporate security communities solve cases faster, safer and more efficiently.

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