Make your team and community smarter, safer and stronger.  

Kaseware was built from the ground up by former law enforcement with decades of investigative experience. We incorporated all the features we wish our old systems would have had.


Tip Line Integration

  1. Take tips and reports directly from citizens without any integration to other tools.
  2. Provide your citizens with a configurable crime map and blotter.

Mobile and Tablet

  1. Access to your information anywhere, anytime using your existing mobile device
  2. Take photos or video to record interviews, scan driver’s license data, and take notes.
  3. All mobile information is integrated into the system automatically to enable seamless report-writing and instant data sharing.



Records Management

  1. Intuitive forms that don’t require double entries.
  2. Easy NIBRS-compliant field reporting.
  3. Share investigations with prosecutors or other agencies.

Case Management

  1. Track documents, evidence, and all your data in one place.
  2. Integrated mapping and graph analytics.
  3. Share investigations with prosecutors or other agencies.

Evidence Management

  1. Track property and evidence including collection, storage, and chain of custody.
  2. Link evidence to relevant incidents, documents, and people.
  3. No need for expensive barcode scanners with our mobile app’s barcode scanner for evidence items and storage locations.


Link Analysis Made Easy

  1. Link charts are auto-generated from the data in your system.
  2. Connect the dots and find connections no one knew existed.
  3. Deep-dive on any point of the graph.
  4. Publish, present, and share your graphs to inform your stakeholders.

Live Social Media Search

  1. Search over 90 social media providers with a name, email, phone, or alias through SocialNet by ShadowDragon.
  2. Import friends, followers, posts, and other available information directly into Kaseware for analysis alongside case details.

Complete Searchability

  1. All of your data is instantly searchable, even when you search uploaded PDFs or other types of documents.
  2. Integrated NCIC/state database queries.
  3. Export your search results for external analysis and sharing.

Geospatial Search

  1. Conduct searches within a geographic area or geofence.
  2. Visualize investigations and searches on a map.
  3. Add custom Esri map layers.
  4. Save, print, and share your maps with your colleagues.

Organizational Dashboards

  1. Quickly gain insight into the performance of your team.
  2. Easily drill down into specific team members, cases, tasks, and reports.

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