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Protecting Trafficking and Exploitation Victims with Kaseware

Every year, human trafficking and exploitation strip millions of their basic human rights and freedoms. People of all ages and backgrounds find themselves forced into dangerous and non-consensual situations for the profit of others. Finding justice for these evil practices is a priority for public health and safety.

Traditional investigative practices are outdated and inefficient in today’s technologically advanced landscape. That’s why Kaseware created a platform to streamline every phase of the investigation, from managing the case to closing it.

Learn more about human trafficking today and how Kaseware investigation software can help you fight these atrocities.

The State of Human Trafficking Today

Human trafficking refers to the illegal practice of exploiting or forcing people to perform labor. It is also called modern-day slavery or trafficking in persons. Various forms of this crime include:

  1. Bonded labor: Bonded labor is the most common type of enslavement across the globe. It is also known as peonage or debt bondage and refers to a kind of slavery where the victim must work until they repay their debts.

  2. Child labor: This type of trafficking indicates the enslavement or exploitation of a child under 18 years old. It often overlaps with forced labor and sex trafficking through coercion or intimidation.

  3. Domestic servitude: This refers to workers who work for little or no pay in private homes. Traffickers force the victims, who do not have the freedom to leave, to work within the residence.

  4. Forced labor: This type of trafficking is when a perpetrator treats the victim as if they were property and coerces them into working to create profit for the traffickers.

  5. Forced marriage: This refers to persons forced into marriage with another person against their free will and without consent. Women and children are primarily the victims of forced marriages.

  6. Sex trafficking: Any person coerced into working in the commercial sex industry without the freedom to consent is a victim of sex trafficking.

Human trafficking in its many forms generates about $150 billion in illicit profits every year. It is both a crime and human rights violation that impacts the lives of millions of people.

Who Is Affected by Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is a serious global problem involving more than 24.9 million victims worldwide.

Traffickers target all types of people, regardless of their age or background. However, some communities are disproportionally affected by exploitation. The following are a few of the most vulnerable populations:

  1. American Indians

  2. Individuals with disabililities

  3. Low-income individuals

  4. Members of the LGBTQ+ community

  5. Native Alaskans

  6. People without homes

  7. Runaway youths

  8. Temporary guest workers

  9. Undocumented immigrants

Human trafficking has negative implications for every community. In addition to breaking human rights laws, it threatens to compromise the following:

  1. Public safety and health

  2. Transportation networks

  3. Border security

  4. The economy

Ways to Combat Human Trafficking

In 2021, the White House updated the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking (NAP), which outlines the efforts to eradicate modern-day slavery. NAP shares four main pillars for anti-trafficking measures:

  1. Prevention: Communities need preventative programs and more education about trafficking to mitigate risks.

  2. Protection: Intervention, protection and support are vital in assisting victims.

  3. Prosecution: Holding traffickers accountable is incredibly important in the fight against human trafficking.

  4. Partnership: Strong communities and collaboration between groups are the best ways to enhance anti-trafficking efforts.

Technology and Human Trafficking

A common thread throughout all four of these principles is the need for better coordination and organization. Thanks to modern-day technology, there are tools designed to make investigating human trafficking more efficient and effective across multiple sectors.

Advancing tech is improving the fight against human exploitation and trafficking. Tools such as geospatial mapping and link analysis software are changing how investigators tackle these cases. Investigative software from Kaseware can transform case management and enhance efforts to stop the trafficking of persons.

Learn more about our platform and how it can enhance human trafficking solutions.

Control Digital Evidence Across Multiple Platforms

While digital evidence is nothing new, the ability to control it across different platforms is something not all investigators have access to. This means organizations have the time-consuming task of copying and filing evidence multiple times. However, in human trafficking and exploitation cases, time is of the essence, and working efficiently can save lives. That’s why Kaseware developed our evidence inventory software so investigators can easily manage digital evidence.

Our evidence control systems allow teams to go paperless when it comes to both digital and physical evidence. These tools make submitting, managing, presenting and discarding evidence more streamlined and efficient. With our top-of-the-line software, investigative teams have a single location to log evidence with time-saving features such as auto-fill.

In addition to making evidence management simpler, Kaseware also enables access to evidence regardless of an internet connection. The platform is mobile-friendly and available for both iOS and Android applications. Investigators can access important data on any screen, thus making investigation efforts more accessible both in the workplace and in the field. They can use their phones or tablets to fetch important data from anywhere, helping teams solve cases faster.

Because former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agents designed Kaseware, you can rest assured that our security features ensure evidence and document originality. Our platform encrypts data to ensure protection, whether that information is in transit or stored.

Having access across multiple platforms is a significant advantage for teams working on trafficking cases. Kaseware’s wide range of features makes efforts more agile and quicker, as users have all the functions they need in one centralized location.

Our platform can transform human trafficking investigations and help eliminate the unnecessary time spent accessing evidence in traditional operations.

Reduce the Possibility of Corrupt Files and Verify the Integrity of Each File

When working on a case as serious as human trafficking, investigators must maintain the integrity of each and every file to keep operations organized and minimize downtime caused by corrupted data. The sensitive nature of these cases means they need to work against the clock to seek timely justice for victims.

Kaseware’s cloud-based cybercrime tools provide investigators with a centralized location for all their files, records, operations information and evidence.

Case management is more effective when users can eliminate the need to buy multiple tools from various vendors. Kaseware software incorporates all the features your team needs without having to deal with expensive, incompatible products that waste time and money.

Centralizing and consolidating multimedia files is simple with our platform. Users can feel confident in the integrity and security of their files, even when sharing them. We designed our investigative intelligence software to minimize and eliminate information silos caused by the inability to communicate with other information management systems. Siloing causes inefficiencies and negatively impacts the communication crucial to human trafficking cases.

For years, investigations lacked access to affordable software. They worked with various programs and spreadsheets to create custom systems that were high-risk and counterproductive. Having all files on one platform reduces the possibility of corruption.

Data Security and Protecting Sensitive Information

Kaseware’s platform is entirely encrypted to shield private data from cybercriminals and threat vectors. We regularly undergo testing and independent audits to ensure our software is adequately protected. We are compliant with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) criteria for System of Controls (SOC) 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2.

Create Files That Make “Black-Box” Analysis Possible for Tech Support, Data Forensics and Second Opinions

“Black box” analysis, also called dynamic analysis security testing (DAST), is a security solution that helps identify vulnerabilities in applications while they are running. We designed our Kaseware products so you never have to worry about maintenance and downtime. Our software creates files that make tech support and analysis easier for your team.

As former FBI special agents, we understand the significance of time-sensitive cases. When working on a human trafficking matter, your team doesn’t want to waste a single minute. That’s why we developed the platform to allow for “black box” analysis for tech support.

We value partnership and work closely with your team to find the right solutions for your new system without interfering with your operations. You can come to us with any questions or issues you have. We are dedicated to unlimited support and ongoing training to ensure you get the most out of the Kaseware system.

“Black box” analysis also allows for seamless data forensics, also known as forensic data analysis (FDA). “Black box” analysis means you can collect data and identify patterns without dealing with inconvenient delays. Streamlining data forensics is crucial to how quickly investigators can make a case.

Agencies can use the information from “black box” analyses to get second opinions. The facts gathered from analyzing this information can help cultivate unbiased perspectives about the data that could lead to stronger evidence in your human trafficking case.

Maximize Your Data to Create Complete Case Evidence

Modern technology allows for the collection of very large volumes of data. Sorting and making sense of this information is a time-consuming and extensive job, especially if an organization does not have the capacity or technology to interpret all those datasets.

It takes time to create case evidence in human trafficking cases. Investigators need the tools to find valuable connections between data points. Investigative analysis software from Kaseware can help find these connections and streamline trafficking investigations.

Our platform includes link analysis tools that visualize data points and identify connections between them. The relationships between data points often offer valuable insights to investigators, but pinpointing these links can be challenging without software.

With our link analysis solution, teams can obtain helpful information to:

  1. Examine relationships

  2. Identify hidden links

  3. Reveal hierarchal relationships

  4. Expose connections between various data points

Working with this technology to solve human trafficking cases comes with many benefits. Kaseware’s link analysis software is easy to integrate into your existing system. It allows your team to process information more quickly and more accurately, especially because of its visual format. Graphs and other data visualizations make identifying patterns and outliers in the data easier. Our systems are user-friendly and do not require extensive training. Your team can use a single chart to investigate the connections between data points, further streamlining your operations.

Kaseware also offers an investigative intelligence platform that helps teams make the most of their data. When working with so much information, processing can become inefficient and interfere with time-sensitive cases. We created our software to help investigators:

  1. Optimize data collection

  2. Enhance management

  3. Boost analytical efforts

  4. Visualize datasets

These capabilities allow you to work more productively, improving operational efficiency and allowing faster data verification. Our software helps you use extensive amounts of data effectively to create complete case evidence.

How Kaseware’s Products Help Detect Human Trafficking

Kaseware products can help investigators detect possible cases of human trafficking using features from our comprehensive suite of tools.

As we’ve discussed, our platform allows users to find valuable connections within vast amounts of data. Our criminal link analysis software uses charts, maps and icons to visualize discreet relationships between data points.

These visualizations are a significant improvement from traditional methods like lists. Comprehensive link analysis charts allow teams to work more efficiently because they are more intuitive and can reveal important relationships. The faster your team can identify connections, the greater your detection rates will be.

Likewise, Kaseware’s geospatial criminal software allows teams to convert large volumes of data into organized maps using geological information such as:

  1. ZIP codes

  2. Addresses

  3. Coordinates

  4. Cities

These maps give the team insights that can help them quickly identify trends and respond to events in real-time. Because human trafficking often involves traveling and transportation, investigators need to understand geographic movement to detect this crime. These maps can help teams prioritize their efforts based on crime patterns and forecasting.

Kaseware also allows for better collaboration, which is critical in efforts to detect human trafficking. Our software allows for easy collaboration across multiple departments and organizations. With traditional investigation efforts, sharing information with different agencies or divisions could slow down efforts. Intelligence communities have dealt with communication inefficiencies for decades.

Between information silos and dealing with large datasets, it is easy to miscommunicate during collaboration. We designed our platform to eliminate this problem with seamless communication across agencies. This improves the detection and response time for human trafficking cases.

Investigate Human Trafficking With Kaseware

Join the fight to stop human trafficking with investigation software from Kaseware. Cybercrime investigators designed our platform to help teams solve each case with more speed and security.

We offer many features to cater to nearly every need of your investigative team. Kaseware values your partnership and offers unlimited customer support to ensure your investigations are productive and result in the best outcomes possible.

Interested in learning more about how our platform can help investigators reach new heights and help put an end to human trafficking and exploitation? Schedule a free and personalized demo today.


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