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Introducing Kaseware Artificial Intelligence Services

Introducing New Features To Elevate Investigations – Kaseware’s Artificial Intelligence Services

Kaseware is proud to announce its newest features powered by AI available with Kaseware 5.0, our latest software release. These powerful capabilities, enabled through our connection to Microsoft’s Azure AI Services, push investigative effectiveness and efficiency further, by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to advance and automate case work and analysis. Kaseware’s AI Services are available in five distinct features, each tailor made to expedite work done on the platform, improve users’ ability to access insight from all sorts of data, and utilize powerful machine learning to ensure no details within a case are missed or unaccounted for. 

Let’s explore each new capability of Kaseware Cognitive Services and the ways they can drastically improve investigative work.

Kaseware Vision – Unveiling Insights from Visual Data

Kaseware Vision opens the door to easy and automatic data collection from visual media. This AI Service employs visual analytics models to analyze images and discern the activities and objects present within them. 

Removing the need to manually analyze and input descriptions of case-related media, Kaseware Vision expedites investigative work and promotes detailed record keeping. With the touch of a button, Kaseware Vision scans and deciphers complex images to isolate and label people, items, and activities within the photos. This information is then stored and linked to the corresponding case, making it easily retrievable to incorporate the insights into documents, other cases, and more. By making visual content searchable, Kaseware transforms images into valuable sources of information for investigators.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Extracting Insights from Text

Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a service already included on the Kaseware platform, is undergoing significant enhancements, available to Connections-tier users, with the release of Kaseware 5.0’s AI Services.  Now your Kaseware subscription will be able to recognize typed characters from English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, and other international languages that use Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, and Devanagari scripts.  It can also help with handwritten text in English, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.  This capability supports an ever greater need for investigators to bring in information from around the world to meet the missions of their organizations.

Speech-To-Text – Transforming Audio into Actionable Text

The Speech-To-Text capability included with Kaseware’s AI Services is a powerful tool to make audio files more compatible with other content living inside the platform. With a single click, any audio content uploaded into Kaseware can be transcribed into text files and stored as documents. The content of the file is then available to be used with any other feature of Kaseware, such as entity extraction, case management tools to organize and file the text, and Link Analysis software to uncover connections with other forms of evidence. The transcribed text is also searchable, enabling the pinpoint retrieval of information related to names, locations, and other keywords. This advancement significantly improves the usefulness of audio recordings and ensures that no crucial detail escapes the investigator’s attention.

Entity Extraction – Enhanced Understanding through AI

This feature scans text fields and automatically identifies and extracts crucial information such as addresses, phone numbers, names, and items. As it has been even before this upgrade, available to our Connections-tier users, the extracted text is seamlessly integrated into the case file and is searchable alongside other elements in Kaseware. This advancement offers investigators a world of possibilities, like extracting pertinent data from photos of labels or documents, and associating them directly with the case.

Translator – Breaking Down Language Barriers

Language barriers no longer stand in the way of effective communication and analysis with the Translator feature. This AI Service is capable of automatically translating text from over 125 languages and dialects. When translating entire documents, the Translator preserves the original structure and format, guaranteeing the integrity of documents and messages. Additionally, the Translator feature enables transcribed keywords to remain searchable across all languages, allowing investigators to find precise search terms regardless of the language they were written in. With this service, investigators can seamlessly collaborate with individuals and sources around the world, surpassing language limitations.

Explore The Benefits Of Kaseware’s AI Services

Kaseware’s AI Services capabilities introduce the power of Artificial Intelligence into investigative work, improving efficiency and accessibility across the platform. Utilizing these latest features from our technology partner Microsoft’s Azure AI Services, investigators and analysts can automate workflows and data extraction, pull insightful and actionable data from new forms of content, and engage in work with organizations across the world. As the realm of investigative work becomes more complex, Kaseware AI Services stands ready to offer a toolkit of powerful capabilities to drive meaningful results.

These new capabilities and more are available with the release of Kaseware Version 5.0 for users and organizations with Kaseware Connections subscription. To speak with a team member to learn more about how these features can benefit your organization, contact your customer support representative, or, schedule a free personalized demonstration of the platform. 

To learn more about Kaseware’s AI Services and explore the possibilities they offer, visit our AI Services page to get started today!


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