AI Services

Automate Investigations With The Power Of Machine Learning

AI Services

Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure AI Services, users of Kaseware can now boost their investigative abilities with machine learning. These five new features are designed to make investigations more efficient by automating processes with a single click.


Utilize the power of advanced visual analytics models to scan images and automatically identify and label activities and objects within them in a single click. Insights derived from photos can then be searched, organized into cases or used in other analytic tools featured on the Kaseware platform.


Easily transcribe audio content from a variety of formats into text files with a single click. This text is then searchable and can be used with other Kaseware features like Case Management tools to organize and file documents, as well as Link Analysis software to uncover critical details between other pieces of evidence.


Documents, messages, and other files can now be translated from 125+ languages and dialects, opening doors for communication across borders. Transcribed keywords remain searchable across all languages, allowing investigators to find precise search terms regardless of the language they were written in.


Optical Character Recognition

Existing OCR features on the Kaseware platform are undergoing a huge upgrade, now capable of recognizing multiple languages, including handwritten text. Scan and recognize text from English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Hindi and more!

Entity Extraction

 Enhancements to the Kaseware Entity Extraction feature now allow it to automatically identify and better extract crucial insight from your data, quickly uncovering key information like addresses, names, and phone numbers automatically. Extracted data can be seamlessly integrated into users’ cases and other investigative tools like Link Analysis and become easily searchable throughout the platform.

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Kaseware AI Services are available for Connections-Tier users of the platform. View our pricing or schedule a demo today.