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Confidential Informant Management Software

Every law enforcement agency knows how crucial confidential informants can be to an investigation. The information acquired from these anonymous persons can generate valuable leads for investigators that can potentially make or break a case. 

Even though informant reports are often invaluable to criminal cases, many agencies have reported this physical evidence lost or destroyed due to management inefficiencies, forfeiting essential information. That’s why it’s vital that organizations invest in high-quality informant management solutions that can properly store, manage and secure confidential information through a single web-enabled platform.

Kaseware’s informant management software enables users to track countless informant reports seamlessly, using a complete suite of advanced features to facilitate the process.

Integrated Informant RMS

One of the primary benefits of informant management software is its integrated records management systems (RMS). These cloud-based solutions are designed to centralize internal and external informant data, including intelligent reports, financial transactions, registration documents, logs and other vital data surrounding the person in question. RMS solutions for informant management can also note any document alterations, identifying who made changes to prevent evidence tampering.

Informant management platforms are ideal for blending records with case management software. Case management tools are designed to enhance investigation safety and efficiency while responding to workflow needs by handling evidence, reporting, analytics and intelligence. These customizable tools feature endless case management possibilities through one centralized system.

Enhanced Security Controls and Reporting

Using Kaseware’s informant management platform means maximizing data reporting and security, resulting in safer and more accurate information handling.

Access Controls

With intuitive informant management technologies, you can secure all documented information by implementing per-user access controls into your system. These customizable constraints restrict access to informant data, limiting it only to those with exclusive permissions. Informant management security controls like these are ideal for preventing confidential data from falling into the wrong hands.

Intelligent Reporting

Our informant management solution optimizes reporting with automation and compliance features. Kaseware has intelligent form features that automate complex reporting processes by eliminating data duplication and errors to boost efficiency. 

You can also customize each form to your team’s unique needs. With these tools, you can import and manage critical informant reports, such as incident reports, person rap sheets, uniform crime reports and employee activity logs.

Reporting Compliance

When you use informant management tools, you can ensure complete regulatory compliance with every report. Kaseware enables report creation in adherence to United States National Incident-Based Reporting System policies and other federal laws.

With these compliant reporting features, your organization can meet even the highest regulatory standards.

Improve Your Investigations With Informant Management Solutions From Kaseware

If you’re looking to optimize your informant information management systems to achieve optimal storage, security and reporting, consider investing in informant management software from Kaseware. Our top-of-the-line investigative platform was designed by real FBI agents dedicated to creating a system that makes investigations easier and safer for intelligence agencies, law enforcement and corporate security officials alike.

Book your free Kaseware demo to begin streamlining informant management for your facility today.


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