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4th of July 2019

By Mark Dodge

Independence from the Status Quo

The Fourth of July is the story of people who dreamed of something bigger. They refused to accept business as usual. Taking on King George and the most powerful nation on Earth was an enormous risk. But the new Americans confronted that risk and, miraculously, prevailed. 

The independent country that emerged after 1776 is incredibly dear to me, as both a citizen and a veteran. And this Fourth of July, I want to thank all the people who didn’t accept the status quo!

Dinosaur Technology for Those That Keep Our Citizens Safe?

Here at Kaseware, our history started with a miracle too. When Kaseware’s founders joined the FBI, they couldn’t believe that they had to use a “green screen” system to manage their cases (see image on the right for an example of a “green screen” system). Coming from technology backgrounds, they thought it might even be a joke on the new agents. 

Unfortunately, those of us who have served in government know that sometimes it can take a long time to get technology from the current decade. The FBI eventually tried to build a custom-built case management system (an RMS to some organizations). They even contracted a major corporation to do so. However, when the FBI showed it to the field agents, the future founders of Kaseware quickly realized this wouldn’t work either.

Taking the Risk on an Impossible Task 

At this point, Kaseware’s founders had a choice. They could complain about the new system to colleagues and settle for “I told you so” when it failed. Or they could fix the situation. 

Fixing a big project like this is no easy task, even for someone who was doing it as a full time job.  In addition, they were up against government bureaucracy; there are very few examples of government servants being rewarded for taking risks. 

The Story of Sentinel

But they took the risk. They only had a very small team of agent technologists and developers.  But their hard work paid off. As described in detail here, the FBI deployed their system, named Sentinel, in July of 2012. As a result, Kaseware’s founders changed the history of the FBI and now their fellow agents finally had the tools they needed to make America safer.

Kaseware’s Founders

And our founders didn’t want to stop there. They wanted to make sure that every single public and private safety professional had access to the software they needed. Consequently, they founded Kaseware in 2016. They then built an even better system that was meant for use not only for law enforcement but also corporate security, private investigators and NGOs.  

Our Declaration of Excellence

The story of Kaseware’s founding is one that inspires our whole team everyday. We pledge to live up to the standard set by our founders and publicly declare to the following principles for our clients:

  1. We will continue to develop a product that gives your team the tool they deserve.

  2. We will treat your team like our team, caring personally about their success.

  3. We will stand with you and treat your challenges like our own.

  4. We will be a partner that always appreciates the difficulties of police, investigators, and security professionals, because our team has about 100 years combined experience doing the job too.

Thank you to our “Founding Fathers” Dorian Deligeorges, Nathan Burrows, and Scott Baugher! And Happy Fourth of July to all! 

Mark Dodge is the Chief Business Officer at Kaseware. He is a former intelligence officer with extensive experience in both public safety and corporate security software solutions.


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