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Welcome To Our New Team Member Michael Hartzler!

Kaseware’s New Account Executive

We’re ecstatic about our newest hire Michael Hartzler — Government Account Executive! As a US Coast Guard and Law Enforcement veteran and seasoned Fusion Center leader, we couldn’t ask for a better fit. Welcome to the Kaseware team Michael!

About Michael Hartzler

I come to Kaseware following a 39 year career in law enforcement. I started out my career at the United States Coast Guard and later became a road patrol officer. My law enforcement career progressed and I retired at the rank of Major in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. For the last six years, I have served as the Director of the Greater Cincinnati Fusion Center, a regional cooperative group that partners with Federal, State, and local agencies to share intelligence and information.

Being at a fusion center helped me appreciate the power of collaboration and the potential role of technology in facilitating it. Unfortunately, I saw both good and bad sides with the different technologies we tried. Technology often made it easy to share information as well as increase efficiencies and transparency. But when technology backfired, so to speak, it could dramatically slow us down. One of the most common problems I saw was software developers and solution providers having no background in law enforcement.

That is why I am so enthusiastic about joining the Kaseware team. The technology offered by Kaseware was developed by law enforcement for law enforcement. What a unique benefit for those in the policing and fusion center environment! More so, the team at Kaseware shares the same passion as I do: to ensure the safety of the public and the safety of those who are committed protectors of the public. Now, more than ever, technology must meet the needs of our law enforcement and fusion center organizations.

Greater Cincinnati Fusion Center offers teachers training to fight potential threats

Major Michael Hartzler working at the Greater Cincinnati Fusion Center to offer teachers training to fight potential threats.

Stoneman Douglas High School

The Kaseware team and I share the philosophy that difficulties are meant to inspire solutions. Following the tragic shooting in February 2018 at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, I noticed the need for the fusion center to partner with the schools in our region. In my experience with the National Network of Fusion Centers, however, it could be a challenge to develop a working relationship between state, local, and federal partners.

The Safe and Secure School Initiative

We took this challenge as motivation and put a team together from various state and federal partners to develop the “Safe and Secure School Initiative.” The challenge; getting educational professionals from K-12 to share information with the fusion center. The result was an open line of communication to provide another layer of protection for the children attending the schools. Meeting this challenge resulted in the sharing of information and intelligence vital to the protection of the homeland.

Coming to Kaseware

In much the same way, the team at Kaseware are at the top of their field because they are motivated. The founders work to meet the needs of our clients and are never satisfied with the mediocre. I have observed them feverishly working to send out updates to improve the already top-tier Kaseware platform. They are committed to constant improvement and to providing the best tools available for the ever changing law enforcement environment. I am thrilled to be a part of a team of professionals that emulate the values we cherish in this great country of ours.

Michael Hartzler is a veteran of the United States Coast Guard and a 39 year veteran of law enforcement. Mike’s last assignment was Director of the Greater Cincinnati Fusion Center where he was able to develop working relationships throughout the United States. He was an elected member of the Executive Board for the National Fusion Center Association


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