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Employee Spotlight – Nathan Hoven

Meet Our Employee – Nathan Hoven

We are thrilled to highlight an invaluable member of the Kaseware team, Nathan Hoven, our esteemed Chief of Staff. With his extensive expertise in project management and unwavering support for our employees, Nathan has made a remarkable impact since joining our company. This blog will introduce you to Nathan’s impressive career and explore the exceptional contributions he makes at Kaseware!

A Career In Education

Nathan started his educational journey at the University of Missouri – Rolla (Now Missouri S&T), earning his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics in 1998. With a passion to make a meaningful impact in education, he went on to complete his Master’s degree in Secondary Education Administration at the University of Missouri – St. Louis in 2003. Additionally, Nathan pursued a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) in 2013, further strengthening his expertise in the field.

Before joining Kaseware, Nathan had an impressive 24-year long career in education. His various degrees gave him a strong foundation to pursue a variety of roles, ranging from teaching to managing employees and students within his district. Over the years, he held positions as a math teacher, school principal, and even as the superintendent for a 2,500-employee school district. 

Today, Nathan sees a close resemblance between his duties as a superintendent and those in his current Human Resources position. “I see my role as Chief of Staff as facilitating and coordinating people.” Nathan said, “Much like a superintendent in the education ‘Company,’ my goal is to mitigate issues and provide support to help our staff perform at their best.” The skills he developed from his positions in education, including creating efficient processes, navigating regulations, and developing policies, particularly in areas like hiring and training new employees, are at the forefront of his work done at Kaseware. His understanding of the intricacies of Human Resources made him a natural fit for the role of Chief of Staff at Kaseware.

Supporting Kaseware’s Success

Nathan’s decision to transition from education to Kaseware was deeply motivated by his belief in the significant work done at the company. He finds immense fulfillment in supporting our mission to make the world a better place by providing modern tools to investigators around the world. Playing a pivotal role at Kaseware, Nathan supports this mission through managing projects, creating crucial policies, and overseeing the hiring process of the many new team members at this rapidly growing company.

“Hiring is one of my favorite duties at Kaseware.”  Often being the first point of contact for potential new hires, Nathan understands the profound impact his interactions can have on their perception of the company. Drawing from his involvement in crafting company policies, he takes pride in offering an honest and accurate depiction of what to expect and how it will shape their experience at Kaseware. “It’s a moment of excitement when I interview someone and just know they will be the perfect addition to the Kaseware family,” he says.

As a release manager, Nathan actively ensures smooth operations and project completion. He prioritizes pre-project meetings with product teams to discuss their needs and assess areas where additional support might be required. By taking a proactive approach, he efficiently allocates tasks to team members in different departments based on their strengths. Additionally, Nathan fulfills essential Human Resources duties, ranging from employee development to evaluation, playing a vital role in nurturing and empowering the team at Kaseware.

Thank You Nathan For Empowering Kaseware’s Growth

Nathan’s belief in Kaseware’s mission, his talent for supporting new hires, and his dedicated coordination of projects and policies all combine to play a crucial role in supporting Kaseware’s ongoing success. Drawing from his experience facilitating and managing teams during his successful career in education, Nathan brings valuable insights and skills to continuously enhance and improve Kaseware. As Chief of Staff, Nathan’s unwavering support remains instrumental in propelling Kaseware forward on its mission to deliver investigative tools around the world. 


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