Criminal Investigation Software for Government Agencies

For public safety professionals, by public safety professionals.

Our investigation software platform meets many needs in the public safety, law enforcement, non-profit and justice communities. We were founded by former FBI agents who designed and implemented the FBI’s case management system that is still in use today. Our team comes from decades of investigative experience that we used to create our dream investigative platform.

Instead of needing several different investigation software systems, teams can finally have all their investigative needs in one place. This allows teams to work more efficiently and safely than ever before. Our clients have exceptional views into their data that help them better make critical decisions and disrupt, not react to the threats around them. And while agencies within this field may share the same goals and missions, Kaseware knows from experience that they are all unique and provides a dynamic system that can be tailored to the individual needs of each and every agency.

Law Enforcement
Case Management
Dynamic Records
Internal Affairs

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case management

One easy-to-use platform for departments of any size.

  1. Robust investigative tools for everything from Internal Investigations to Major Crimes.
  2. Uncover connections with automatic graphing and link analysis tools.
  3. Collaborate seamlessly with task management and notification tools.
Fusion Centers
Intelligence Sharing
Critical Infrastructure
Cyber Intrusion

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Link Analysis

Collect, analyze and share actionable intelligence.

  1. Securely share various types of intelligence with partners on all levels — federal, state, local, and private sector.
  2. Public web portals to gather tips and Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR).
  3. Quickly assess the viability of threats with automatic graphing and link analysis tools.
Criminal Intelligence
Tailored Investigations
28 CFR Compliant
Integrated OSINT

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Cutting edge investigation management for today’s ever-evolving threats.

  1. Automatic heat maps, graphs, and link analysis to identify trends and present information to stakeholders.
  2. Centralize all your data while you search nearly every social media and deep web source.
  3. Easily track criminal activity to determine patterns and develop action plans.
School Safety
K-12 Tip Line
Violence Prevention
Police Collaboration

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case management

Protect your school with world-class intelligence.

  1. Proactively identify risks to the school and securely collaborate with public safety officials.
  2. Search in real-time nearly every social media and deep web source.
  3. Customizable web portals for the public to submit valuable information.
Narcotics Intelligence
Informant Management
Customized Cases
Opioid & Fentanyl Reports

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Mobile & TabletSecurely share critical intelligence across teams and organizations.

  1. Manage confidential informants through secure access control tools.
  2. Enhance tracking of narcotics abuse with automatic link analysis.
  3. Configurable reports to track opioids, fentanyl and methamphetamines.
Give your teams access to the ultimate public safety platform. Manage operations, easily document everything as well as streamline processes using a flexible, configurable and powerful investigative case management toolbox.

Investigative Management Software

Case Management for Investigation Units

corp screenshot

  1. Suite of robust investigative tools designed by experienced Federal, State, Local and Corporate investigators to dramatically enhance investigation efficiency, effectiveness and safety.
  2. One convenient platform for all your team’s workflow needs including case management, intelligence gathering, evidence management, reporting, analytics and much more.
  3. Customizable workflow and process rule engines offer limitless possibilities for case management configurations.
  4. Ensure intelligence-led operations by allowing your team to document all investigative activities, centralize multi-media files, analyze forensic data, and conduct investigation research directly within the system.

Team Management Software

Supervisor Dashboard

  1. Notifications and mobile applications allow for real-time collaboration, communication and reporting by all stakeholders.
  2. Eliminate silo-based inefficiencies with customizable tools for task management, secure messaging, retention policies, user and supervisor dashboards, workbox management, favorites, notifications, records management, and per-user access controls.
  3. Automatic graphs and reports make it easy to present information to stakeholders.
  4. Layers of access controls and document classification facilitate secure sharing of data between organizations and individuals.

public portal icon

Public Portal

Public Portal

  1. Activate customizable web portals to easily connect with the public and other non-users.
  2. Securely manage tips and public concerns all within your Kaseware dashboard.
  3. Public submission forms and workflows can be completely customized to your community’s needs.

Data Security

Standards & Compliance


  1. Data and privacy protection are our number one priority. We validate our platform with third party audits to ensure we exceed the highest standards. We’re compliant with both CJIS and SOC2.
  2. Our platform includes robust and configurable records retention policies to ensure compliance with federal privacy laws.
  3. Creation of compliant reports per the United States National Incident-Based Reporting System.
  4. Kaseware is compliant with Federal Privacy Law, 28CRF Part 23. Read more about our Compliance & Certifications here.

Field Operations

Mobile & Tablet Integration

Link Analysis

  1. Kaseware’s platform has a completely responsive design that is accessible from any screen size.
  2. Mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices allow for a flexible workforce.
  3. Access Kaseware’s platform from mobile devices, including their personal devices, as allowed.
  4. Enhance officer safety by allowing field officers to use investigative tools remotely to access valuable data and manage investigations.

Identification Scanning

  1. Field officers can dramatically save time with instant identification scanning.
  2. Scan identification barcode and the information associated with that identification number will be automatically logged into the system.
  3. Instantly extract data including name, description, photograph, identification number and address.
  4. Any device, including mobile, can be used for identification checks.

Complete Searchability of Intelligence Database

Configurable Forms

  1. All data and documents in the system are instantaneously searchable through optical character recognition (OCR) and user-friendly search capabilities.
  2. Saved searches can be configured to automatically notify stakeholders of new information.
  3. Leverage both complex and simple search parameters to find, filter and export the data you need at any time.

No More Duplicate Forms

Retail Theft Report

  1. Eliminate errors and repetitive, duplicate data entries with dynamic auto-fill forms.
  2. Teams can automate complex processes, increasing their accuracy and efficiency.
  3. Users can create any form needed through drag and drop editors as well as object relationship editors.
  4. Customize each form to your team’s needs with configurable workflow rules and security access controls.


Open Source Intelligence

  1. Centralize disparate Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools into a single graphical database to automate link-analysis, timelines and geospatial analytics.
  2. Instantly search hundreds of social media, open web, deep web and dark web sources for names, aliases, emails, phone numbers, keywords and more.
  3. Import friends, followers, likes, photos, posts connections and other available information directly into Kaseware for analysis alongside case details.

Third Party Integrations

  1. Integrations with third-party sources for everything from surveillance data to social media monitoring, to assist with the collection of information on crime, gang activity, drug activity, terrorism, human trafficking, cyber crime, and identity theft.
  2. Automated reporting to the Federal Counter-terrorism partners through the eGuardian portal.
  3. Kaseware API can be configured to share and ingest data with external investigative research sources.

External Data


  1. Integrate Kaseware with your existing intelligence systems and other external data sources.
  2. Gain efficiencies having a centralized location of all investigative data such as SIEM, HR, GSOC, OSINT, forensics, logs, disc images and more.
  3. Integrate, migrate and bulk-import any structured or unstructured data using robust data migration tools and API’s.
  4. Search and ingest data from external systems such as graphs as well as investigations.


Link Analysis Made Easy

  1. Find connections by using automatic link analysis charts for any data set in the system.
  2. Visually “connect the dots” at a fraction of the cost of other crime link analysis software systems.
  3. Entities, nodes and connections can be manually or automatically created, edited and modified.
  4. Entity extraction tools are included to instantly recognize and extract standard and custom-defined entities.

Social Media Search Analysis

Social Media Analysis

  1. Efficiently search data in real-time from nearly every social media source directly through Kaseware’s platform.
  2. Increase social media data useability through the platform’s built-in relationship graphing tools.
  3. Combine social media search data with automatic link-analysis to gain previously unknown insights.

Geospatial Search Analysis

  1. Visualize and search all investigation data within the system through automatic geospatial analysis tools.
  2. Rapidly capture clear insights with heat map tracking for case data and public web portal submissions.
  3. Easily define geofences, layers and timelines directly from mapping tools within Kaseware’s dashboard.
  4. Leverage both complex and simple search parameters to visualize all data through geospatial views and tools.

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