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Document Management Software

All your paper digitized, organized, collated, with information extracted for insight.

What Is Document Management With Kaseware?

Document Management Software with Kaseware is a way to create unique or standardized documents to exact preferences, a place to properly store and manage forms, and the tools to extract information in new, intuitive, and innovative ways.


Your organization has documents for all sorts of purposes. Training documents, administrative documents, operations documents and even documents specific to your team.  Kaseware gives you the ability to digitally manage all those documents, organize them efficiently, and extract information from them for business intelligence and analytic uses.

Create Fluid Designs With Dynamic Documents

Kaseware is going to help you digitize your documents without sacrificing features of forms you are familiar with. Things like checkboxes, signature fields, or even text boxes to fill out a narrative are all a part of the tool. But we make forms even more useful in the digital space by giving you drop down menus and automatic linkages to other documents. 

These customized forms are not built with custom code, but with an easy to use form builder.  Drag and drop the components of your forms into place and ensure you are collecting the information in a manner that is not only thorough, but easy for all your team members.  The Kaseware team will show you how to use this powerful tool and support your team using it for the length of your subscription.

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Intelligent Investigative Automation

Kaseware works smarter, so you can work faster

Optical Care Recognition (OCR) is state of the art technology that instinctively scans all documents and media entered into the Kaseware system. From photos of documents or forms to still images with scattered text, all visual media will be processed through OCR. Once scanned, entities are automatically pulled from the media and matched with a corresponding tag, such as a name, an address, or any other tag living in the system. These entities can be easily auto populated into documents, reducing the need to retype information.


Embed Workflows Into Your Documents

Documents made for certain types of events, such as a law enforcement incident report, may have certain regulations from state and local governments requiring fields and questions. With Kaseware, it is easy to ensure that every single document of that type is completed exactly as required, no matter who within your organization completes the form. These tools are done through Administrative Controls.

Required Fields

Any item listed on a document can be set as a required field, requiring that it be completed before the document is submitted for approval.

Document Assignments

Enable only certain users to have access documents of a certain type by assigning them to cases and documents of that type. With different levels of access, it is easy to enable only those who should have access to see it. 

NIBRS Compliance

Kaseware offers built-in National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) compliance. Documents made of a certain type will have NIBRS required fields automatically generated within the document. Additional fields can always be added and dropped.

Utilize Innovative Document Management Software Designed by FBI Agents

You can handle your documents securely and efficiently with document management software from Kaseware. We developed our premier investigative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence agencies and corporate security personnel manage their investigations, documents and evidence more easily than ever with our suite of advanced tools. Our team has programmed every feature you could possibly need in one centralized space.

Schedule a free demo to see how Kaseware’s document management software works firsthand.

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