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Meet Our New Team Members: Part Five

Announcing Our New Software Engineer

The Kaseware team is growing! These past weeks we’ve introduced new hires and we’re excited to announce another team member. We could not be more thrilled about our new Software Engineer, Martin Morales. Though he hasn’t been here long, he is already busy making a big impact on our team. Now let’s get to know more about this outstanding engineer.

Meet Martin M. Morales

In Martin’s words: “People that know me well, see me as a good multitasker and very dynamic person. I have found Software Engineering to be very rewarding in many aspects. When I started my first computer science courses, I had no idea I would end up in software, but now I know it was the perfect decision.

United States Army Veteran

I joined the United States Army at 17. During those years, I thought I would spend the next 30 years in the military. Two tours in Iraq (2003-2004, 2005-2006) inspired a dream to become a Special Agent in the FBI. As a result, I began to study Computer Science. While I went to college, I continued in the National Guard and as a security guard in Securitas as well as completed a third deployment to the Middle East (Kuwait 2009-2010).

Why Kaseware?

When I heard about the role and the company’s mission, I was very excited. This type of software role felt like the perfect fit for me. To explain that, I will take you back to 2007. It was then that I decided to apply to the Adams County Sheriff’s Academy to receive a Peace Officer Standards and Training Certification (POST). I figured I could build a resume and skills as a Law Enforcement Officer. However, after taking programming courses I also discovered my passion for software engineering. I graduated from Regis University in Computer Science in 2015. By then I had spent eight years as a Law Enforcement officer. Since then, I have worked for the Colorado Judicial Branch, Northrop Grumman, Charter Communications, Dish, and DHI Group Inc (also known as

Continue to Learn

After graduating in 2015, I continued to study. In 2016 and 2017, I received a Graduate Certificate in Java and a Master’s in Software Engineering, both from Regis University. Currently, I am enrolled in Aspen University for a Doctor of Science in Computer Science, where I have already completed three quarters of the program.

Affiliate Professor

In 2018, I was appointed as Affiliate Faculty for the Anderson College of Business and Computing at Regis University. I currently teach Computer Science and Computer Information Science courses. I love my role as a teacher because I am constantly learning new things as I teach.


When not at Kaseware, I have many hobbies. I especially love music. I was in a band for five years, where I played the keyboards. I also love coaching football, and have I have coached semi pro as well as little league here in Colorado. Additionally, I am passionate about traveling and working out.”

Please join us in welcoming Martin to the team!


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