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Secure Communications

Critical missions demand quick, secure communications.


Collaborate with your team
on a secure platform

Create custom user roles
and precisely control
advanced permissions


Share mission critical
information quickly

Do your work with your team
from anywhere with the tools
needed for success


Integrated Throughout
Your Platform

Integrated with cases,
dispatch, and all your
other tools

Confidently deliver on mission-critical objectives

Support Inter-Departmental Communications

Improve communication and team collaboration across agencies & departments with chat options for any situation. Direct message chats, Teams, and Channels segment conversations, keeping important topics the focus of every discussion.

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Communications That Put Your Data Privacy First

Communicate with your colleagues and team members in a secure environment that ensures complete data privacy. Kaseware’s Secure Communications feature has built in protection to safeguard your privacy as well as customizable controls available to meet your every security need.

End-To-End Encryption

With end-to-end encryption, your conversations are completely private and not accessible by other people.​

Data Loss Prevention

Support data management through automatically triaging sensitive data fields like SSNs or credit card numbers through an approval process.

Message Audit Panel

Strengthen your information security processes by efficiently auditing conversations.

Secure Push Notifications

ID-only push notifications maintain confidentiality and prevent unwanted eyes from reading your messages.​

Role-Based Permissions

Configure custom rules and role-based permissions to control account access for each team and every employee from a single dashboard.

Utilize Investigative Management Software Designed by FBI Agents

You can handle your organizations communications securely and efficiently with secure communications available on the Kaseware platform. We developed our premier investigative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence agencies and corporate security personnel manage their investigations, documents and evidence more easily than ever with our suite of advanced tools. Our team has programmed every feature you could possibly need in one centralized space


Schedule a free demo to see how Kaseware’s investigations management software works firsthand.

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