Customized Options For Any

Type Of Organization 


Whether you are looking for specific investigative features or you want to

customize your own solution, Kaseware can be tailored to the

size that brings your organization to investigative success.

What’s Included With Each Tier

Each pricing tier is structured for different styles of investigative work. To talk with a team member to walk through your organization’s needs and the tier that will work best, schedule a demo and begin your journey to investigative success.

Kaseware Essentials

The basic tier tailored for organizations focused on building cases, process management, and dispatch.

Kaseware Insights

Kaseware Insights expands the investigative capabilities with advanced investigations management and analytics.

Kaseware Connections

A fully integrated end-to-end platform featuring all investigative tools, organizational features, and integration capabilities.

Kaseware Enterprise

An enterprise security and safety operating system capable of expanding to meet any need of your organization, wherever your software needs to be hosted.

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View pricing to decide the perfect tier to meet your organization’s requirements, then schedule a demo to meet with a Kaseware representative to talk in depth about your organization’s goals and to learn the ways that Kaseware can be best configured to meet your needs.