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The First Six Years of Kaseware

As we near the end of the year, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the incredible growth we have seen over the last six years. Since Kaseware’s founding in 2016 by former FBI agents Dorian Deligeorges and Nathan Burrows, the company has seen exceptional growth. Thanks to the hard work of our amazing team, we are thrilled to celebrate supporting so many new and different types of customers here and around the world, new technological advancements to our product, and a fast-growing team. There has been lots of hard work to achieve our success, and the culmination of it all has resulted in a company that continues to grow year after year.

Reflecting On Our Growth 

Kaseware began as a simple idea; create the investigations management tool we wish we had while working in public safety and provide it to organizations around the world. Today, the team has accomplished just that. Kaseware has expanded across the globe, with new customers in 6 different countries and counting. We are also proud of the different types of organizations we serve, and all the many uses of our product. From police departments, fusion centers, corporate security departments, and nonprofits, different types of organizations are finding Kaseware as the solution for their investigative needs. 

As the needs for our product have grown, so too has the product itself! Over the years, we have continually improved our system with upgrades, bug fixes, and new versions. Recently, we have crossed a milestone of releasing our biggest update to date, Kaseware Version 4.0! This new version has shaped our service to better meet the needs of all our customers, with new features like reporting tools, in-platform chat, and upgrades to many of our existing features. 

One of the areas of growth we are most proud of is the new additions to our team. Kaseware is always looking for exceptional workers to join our company, and we couldn’t be more proud of the growth we have seen in recent years. Most notably, we have grown our company by nearly 30% in the last year alone. The addition of incredible talent, inspiring leaders, and experienced advisors across all departments has improved our operations as a company and the services we provide. More than ever, we are now positioned to improve the speed in which we respond to client needs, create powerful and client-centric improvements to our product, and create a better workplace for our company as a whole. 

Looking To The Future

As I reflect on the growth we have made over the past 6 years I only get more excited for what is to come. While there will certainly be challenges ahead, I can say with the confidence that the improvements our company has made will help us not only overcome those challenges, but to achieve new heights throughout 2023. 


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