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New Kaseware Version 4.0

Introducing Kaseware 4.0

We are proud to release the latest version of our software: Kaseware 4.0!

This newest version is packed with brand new features to improve the way your organization works, reports, and communicates, as well as so much more! There are also improvements to current features as well as significant user experience updates. As with all of our releases, the upgrade is completed automatically, and on your next login these features and more will be waiting for our users:

Reporting and Visualization

  1. Configure data for inclusion in the new, integrated data warehouse, and automatically synchronize as data is added/updated/removed

  2. Create custom reports, charts, graphs, and maps using new report builder UI or advanced SQL queries

  3. Make visualizations available via users’ dashboards and navigation menus

  4. Integrated reporting capabilities available. Please contact your support representative to enable these features.

Business Process Automation

  1. Take specific actions based upon events and data in Kaseware, i.e. “if this then that”

  2. Create/update/redact/delete, case numbers, investigations, documents and entities, with actions triggered by the event itself or data within the associated item

  3. Send a notifications to a specific users, including email and SMS

  4. Call a webhook with a custom JSON payload, enabling two-way integrations with Kaseware

Secure Communications

  1. New, redesigned in-app chat capabilities with a more modern and robust UI

  2. Communicate via direct messages, channels and discussions

  3. Respond to messages within threads

  4. Share files, documents, photos, and videos

The above is just a small list of new features available with Kaseware 4.0. To read the entire list of updates, click the “About” link inside the Kaseware platform for detailed descriptions on every feature available to your organization. Thank you to all of our customers! With your help and feedback, we continue to grow and enhance the system for everyone.


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