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Meet Our Employee – Jay Lockwood

Meet Our Team 

Kaseware is proud to celebrate its team of diverse and highly experienced individuals. While our entire team is filled with amazing talent, below we highlight one team member who brings extraordinary experience to the table – Jay Lockwood!

Meet Jay Lockwood

Jay Lockwood is the Principal Engineer and Product Manager at Kaseware, a leader on the product management and engineering teams who assists with the design, creation, and maintenance of Kaseware’s platform.  Jay wasn’t always interested in computer engineering and was even intimidated by it at first. It wasn’t until he attended his first day of class at Cornell University that Jay began to develop an interest in software development. 

“The professor began with a very simple discussion of variables using index cards,” Jay recounted, “While most of my classmates were busy complaining about the simplicity of the lesson, I was learning what programming was. My professor explained things in a way that made perfect sense to me. From that day, I have been passionate about software and programming.”

The story of sentinel

After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Jay started a multi-decade career leading software teams and building products for government and commercial clients.  One of those clients was the FBI where Jay was joined by Kaseware co-founders Dorian Deligeorges and Nathan Burrows to build upon the remains of a failed, multi-million dollar project and create a new case management system for the FBI known as Sentinel.

“Dorian and Nathan had a clear vision of what was needed by investigators in the field.  They led us to build a system that focused on the user – a system that helps users analyze data and reduce paperwork.” After less than two years developing Sentinel, their small team – seated in the basement of the Hoover Building – deployed Sentinel to production where it is still in use today.

Before his time at the FBI, Jay worked with NASA to help create a new ground system for the Hubble Space Telescope, worked with Celera Genomics and the first team to map the human genome, and assisted a variety of US federal government organizations to support critical missions.

Why Kaseware

From the connections Jay gained during his time on Sentinel, he maintained relationships with his colleagues. Specifically, he had a close relationship with Dorian and Nathan, who eventually left the FBI and founded Kaseware. Acknowledging the value Jay brought to Sentinel, Dorian and Nathan contacted Jay again, this time with an offer to join their company. 

“Dorian and Nathan are brothers to me.  Joining Kaseware was like coming home.”


In addition to his engineering duties, Jay is a mentor at Kaseware, teaching developers the ins and outs of software engineering. He focuses on cultivating skills needed to develop maintainable code; not just writing code that works, but code that is flexible and scales. Leveraging his experience from past projects, Jay and other Kaseware leaders are working to take the company to higher heights.

Kaseware is proud to have Jay as a member of the team and to help build tools to keep people safe.  To learn more about the tools Jay is helping build, you can visit an overview of our platform here!


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