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Identifying Links Between Drug Trafficking and Terrorism

Though most individuals are aware of the global threats of drug trafficking and terrorism, many don’t realize that these crimes are often directly linked. Over the past few decades, numerous connections between drugs and terrorist networks have been identified, creating some of the most significant security challenges facing governments worldwide in the 21st century.

Connections Between Drug Trafficking and Terrorism

Links between drug traffickers and terrorist groups take various forms, such as transportation, facilitation, protection and taxation. However, the most common connection between these two organizations is through financing. Law enforcement agencies have discovered that money obtained through drug trafficking is often used to finance terrorist activity. Some terrorist groups even traffic drugs directly for this purpose, with those most heavily involved in the drug trade forming dangerous hybrid organizations.

Traffickers and terrorists have similar logistical needs regarding money, materials and people. For this reason, drug traffickers and terrorists often work together in mutually beneficial arrangements.

Drug traffickers build funds for terrorist organizations while strengthening their strategic objectives — for example, weakening their enemies by exposing them to addictive drugs. Through their partnerships with terrorist organizations, drug traffickers reap the benefits of weapons, military skills and access to clandestine organizations in turn.

The Effects of Drug Trafficking and Terrorism

The close linkage between drugs and terrorism poses major threats to international security and peace. Drug traffickers support terrorist organizations by providing funds, creating chaos, supporting corruption and competing for law enforcement attention, ultimately making it easier for these groups to successfully carry out terrorist activities. As a result, terrorists have more power to disrupt governments, social development and economic prosperity by increasing human casualties.

Combat Drugs and Terrorism With Kaseware and DeliverFund

You can join the fight to end drug trafficking and terrorism with cutting-edge technologies from Kaseware. Our premier investigative software is equipped with advanced tools for investigation and case management, intelligence and data analytics, reporting and incident management, and more within a single platform. Designed by former FBI special agents, Kaseware has the capabilities investigators search for, helping them solve cases safer, faster and more efficiently than ever.

We are a proud partner of DeliverFund, a nonprofit organization that strives to end human trafficking in the United States by providing law enforcement with tools, strategies and training for combating sex trade operations.

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