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Celebrating Four Years of Dedication: Steve Delp’s Journey So Far at Kaseware

We are thrilled to commemorate Steve Delp, our Director of Sales, on his four-year anniversary at Kaseware. Throughout his career, Steve has made an incredible mark on the culture of Kaseware and continues to make a profound impact on our organization. His dedication, expertise, and leadership have played a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and success, earning him the respect of colleagues and clients alike.

A Career in Public Service

Before joining the Kaseware team, Steve had already established a notable career in public safety, starting with his eight years of service in the United States military. His desire to assist others helped him decide to join the military – a desire that would stay with him throughout his career. What initially began as motivation to keep his country safe evolved into positions working with defense contractors, corporate security teams, law enforcement agencies, emergency managers, fire departments, and incident management teams.

One of his noteworthy positions before Kaseware was with a Colorado-based public safety and corporate security technology firm. In this role, Steve played a significant part in planning emergency responses for various major public events and emergencies. He traveled across the country, working in command centers and emergency operations centers for events and emergencies ranging from hurricanes to marathons and even Super Bowls.

However, Steve was determined to have an even bigger impact on public safety. He set his sights on becoming an early member of a tech startup that aligned with his high quality standards for technologies, his focus on public service, and also had the potential to become a leader in its industry. With this goal in mind, Steve applied to work at Kaseware.

Nurturing Growth and Professional Development

One of the first benefits Steve noticed upon joining Kaseware was the opportunity for mentorship from a team made of established leaders from a variety of fields. He quickly took advantage of the nurturing environment that encouraged its employees to push boundaries, acquire new skills, and continually strive to reach new heights. 

“Upon joining Kaseware, I quickly realized I had been presented with an extraordinary opportunity to work alongside an exceptionally talented, intelligent, and experienced team,” Steve says, “ Working closely with individuals who have a wealth of experience leading esteemed organizations such as the NCIS, intelligence agencies, major corporations, and the world’s largest consulting firms has been a remarkable privilege.”

Steve’s dedication to continual learning and growth has helped him rise to new heights within the company. As we celebrate his four-year anniversary, we recognize the immense value he brings to our organization every day and are excited to see the continued success he will bring in the future. 

Years of Growth at Kaseware

Since joining Kaseware in May of 2019 as a Corporate Account Executive, Steve has leveraged his expertise in corporate security to understand the needs and expectations of corporate clients. As his role developed and his knowledge of the Kaseware platform grew, Steve took on the responsibility of giving live demonstrations of the platform’s capabilities to clients. Among his favorite aspects to showcase is the platform’s configurability and flexibility.

“I’ve always seen Kaseware as a set of building blocks,” Steve explained. “Each function can be customized to precisely match the user’s preferences and can be used interconnectedly across the platform. Forms can be meticulously designed using the Dynamic Document builder, and entities within those forms can be visualized on a graph, compared with other entities, or displayed on a live map, with the click of a button. With Kaseware, no function stands alone, and that’s what makes it so powerful.”

As Steve advanced in his position, he took on another opportunity for the company: leading global sales initiatives. This role has taken him to various locations, including Paris, Switzerland, London, Dubai, and across the United States, where he fostered and built partnerships with Kaseware’s partners, as well as corporate and public sector clients. The position presented him with new challenges, from navigating cultural differences to understanding regulatory requirements, export licensing, and the complexities of international sales. Nevertheless, Steve thrived in this environment, showcasing his expertise in negotiating and finalizing large, complex contracts with foreign governments, developing Kaseware’s presence on the global stage.

Support Within and Outside of a Professional Career

Even while working at Kaseware, Steve’s desire to expand his knowledge and further his career never wavered. Juggling ongoing client relations and traveling to meet organizations domestically and internationally, he pursued his education with the goal of obtaining his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

“One aspect that sets Kaseware apart is the company’s unwavering support for my educational pursuits,” Steve expressed. “Senior leaders at the company provided recommendations for my MBA program application, helped me gain insights into any aspect of the business I was interested in, and even took the time out of their busy schedules to assist me with complex homework problems during my time in business school.” Steve is on track to graduate with high honors from his MBA program this year, and we at Kaseware take immense pride in celebrating his extraordinary accomplishment.

Thank You, Steve, for Four Years of Dedication!

We extend our gratitude to Steve for his dedication over the past four years. From his initial role as an Executive Account Manager to his current position as the Director of Sales, his growth within Kaseware has been nothing short of exceptional. Steve’s expertise, passion, and commitment have greatly contributed to the success and growth of Kaseware. As we commemorate this milestone, we look forward to witnessing the continued impact of his leadership and celebrating many more achievements together.


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