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Advisor Spotlight: Jim Ballard

Outstanding Advisors

Kaseware is honored to have an incredible team of advisors. Our advisors are leaders in their field, hailing from military, corporate and non-profit sectors, with both substantial domestic and global experience. Today we want to highlight another one of our long-standing advisors, Jim Ballard.

Jim has over 45 years of exceptional experience working in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, and civilian federal markets. He has served as an officer in the United States Navy and in multiple senior executive roles of private organizations. We are thrilled to have him on board!

Why Kaseware

In Jim’s own words: “During my time serving in the Navy Submarine Force and again in my private company leadership roles, I had the good fortune to work with law enforcement and Homeland Security agencies faced with the daunting task of protecting the public under the most challenging circumstances. The key to these agencies being successful was their ability to collect and analyze data real time and take the appropriate actions driven by that analysis. In business it is not only important that you bring exceptional skills and capabilities to the market, which Kaseware does especially well across all of its markets, but it is equally important that the company possesses a viable infrastructure and effective business practices to support strategic deployment of their products to current and future customers.

I hope that my background and experience in growing government and commercial professional services firms will be valuable in helping Kaseware develop a strong business model and the necessary operations processes to ensure their impressive technologies can be deployed, consistent with sound business performance standards, to the widest customer base possible. I am honored to be part of the extraordinarily talented and well respected Kaseware Board of Advisors and I look forward to working with the impressive Kaseware team.”

More About Jim Ballard

Jim currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for Preferred Systems Solutions. In his career, he has served as a Chief Executive Officer, President, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Program Manager for both public and private organizations. Having served over twenty years in the U.S. Navy and several decades in the private sector, his experience and skill sets are second to none. Jim is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Naval Postgraduate School, and the Kellogg School of Management Executive Development Program.


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