Cybercrime Tools for Case Management

Cybercrime is a complex, mature industry, making these cases more challenging for law enforcement to investigate. One of the primary obstacles of investigating cybercrimes is that digital data makes it easy for criminals to engage in illicit activities when remaining completely anonymous. Cybercriminals often hide behind proxy servers that effectively conceal their identities by masking their IP addresses. These tactics can make it difficult for investigators to track illegal activities back to the source of the crime. 

Other common complications investigators encounter with cybercrimes include limited access to digital data and challenges establishing a perpetrator’s physical location. Because cybercrimes are so heavily data-based, it can also be difficult to narrow down investigative focus by identifying relevant data.

With cybersecurity investigation software from Kaseware, you can efficiently navigate the many complexities of cybercrime cases through one centralized source. Our streamlined platform was designed by FBI special agents who aimed to create a comprehensive system that would make it easier for investigators to manage operations, evidence, cases and reports. With our innovative tools, you can gather cyber intelligence, identify significant data connections and maintain regulatory compliance during your cybersecurity cases.

Discover Connections and Analyze Patterns

Because cybersecurity investigations typically involve a surplus of data, it’s essential to secure software that can make sense of this information without complications or delays. Our cybercrime case management software is designed to analyze large data volumes quickly and efficiently while identifying crucial connections between entities, such as suspects, accounts, messages, aliases, web pages and transactions.

Our cybersecurity investigation software uses automatic link analysis charts to create connections across even the most complex datasets. Through this tool, you can automatically or manually create, edit and rework entities, nodes and links while our system connects the dots through diagrams. With these visuals, you can better understand significant relationships, review information holistically and analyze data to identify patterns and outliers.

In analyzing fraudulent activity patterns, our cybercrime management software can map out both structured and unstructured data. Structured data comes from application systems or underlying databases, while unstructured data is taken from mobile devices, network communications and computer applications — meaning it has no overarching structure. Link analysis helps investigators interpret this information by visually plotting communications patterns. 

Centralize Intelligence

Our cybercrime case management platform provides users with a single, centralized location where they can consolidate their most valuable files, records, operations and evidence. Kaseware’s cloud-based software eliminates the need to purchase tools from multiple vendors to obtain the features you’re looking for. These products are often incompatible with one another, leading to operational inefficiencies and high expenses. Instead, you can partner with us to get all the innovative tools you need to optimize your cybersecurity investigations under one economic platform.

Our cyber intelligence software enables you to centralize multimedia files, intelligence tools, logs, disc images and forensics.

Open-Source Intelligence

Kaseware features open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools that allow you to instantly search hundreds of open web, dark web, deep web and social media sources to access crucial data on cybercriminals’ names, keywords, emails, aliases, phones numbers and more. You can also import social media information for forensic analysis alongside other case details, including photos, followers, likes, friends and post connections. By uncovering this information, investigators can identify leads and make progress faster.

Team Management Software

Our cybersecurity platform features team management software that enables users to collaborate and communicate with stakeholders in real time, making for more dynamic investigations. Through this tool, you can share automatic graphs and reports with partners. You can also set access controls and documental classification layers for easy, secure information sharing between organizations and individuals. 

Kaseware’s team management software also comes with customizable tools that eliminate silo-based inefficiencies, such as messaging, dashboard, notification, records management and retention policy personalization features.



Connect the dots at the fraction of the cost of other options.

Instantly generate reports at the click of a button.

From start to finish manage your whole case, all in one place.

Easy and intuitive forms. No more double entries.

Collaborate across all levels of the organization.

Mobile & TabletMOBILE & TABLET
Conveniently work from anywhere on any device.

Exceeds the most demanding requirements.

Compliance Made Easy

At Kaseware, we value data security and privacy protection. We validate our cybercrime case management platform with third-party audits to ensure we’re in line with the highest compliance standards. Our software enables you to create compliant reports as defined by the National Incident-Based Reporting System and features configurable records retention policies to ensure optimal compliance with federal privacy laws.

We secure user data by adhering to all the following regulations:


  • System and Organization Controls (SOC) Types 1 and 2
  • Criminal Justice Information Service Division (CJIS) policies
  • Federal Privacy Law 28CRF, Part 23

Take Advantage of Streamlined Cybercrime Management Software

You can investigate cybercrimes more efficiently with cyber intelligence software from Kaseware. Our high-quality investigative platform features a wide range of tools to make your cases easier to navigate, including mobile capabilities, intelligent forms and link analysis charts.

If you’re looking to implement Kaseware into your organization’s system, you can get started by booking a free demo today.