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Thank You to Our Incredible Team

By Mark Dodge

Gratitude has been the focus this week at Kaseware. As Thanksgiving 2019 comes to a close, we’ve been thinking a lot about how much for which we have to be grateful. First and foremost, we have our incredible clients, which we highlighted in our post from earlier this week. We also have our incredible team at Kaseware. We are a small team, but incredibly dedicated. Like the small team that built the FBI’s case management system, it is amazing what a small team with a mission can accomplish. We have an important mission here at Kaseware — to make the world a safer place — and every single day our employees rise to the occasion to accomplish that mission. Everyone from our founders, to our leadership team, to our developers, and our customer success team, goes above and beyond to make sure that our clients have what they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

So thank you, again, to our wonderful customers as well as our incredible employees who make such important contributions every single day. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! Hopefully everyone is having a restful weekend.

Mark Dodge is the Chief Business Officer at Kaseware. He is a former intelligence officer with extensive experience in both public safety and corporate security software solutions.


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