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New Kaseware Corporate Security Promotional Video

By Stephen Delp

Corporate Security Features Overview

Ever wondered what Kaseware can do for your organization? Our new video provides an excellent overview of some of our most popular features. Though this particular video is geared towards our Corporate Security clients, all of these features are designed for investigators everywhere, across all sectors — public, private and NGO.

Highlighted Features

The video highlights some of our most requested functionalities:

  1. Case Management

  2. Social Media Intelligence

  3. Link Analysis

  4. Drivers License Scanning

  5. Supervisor Dashboard

  6. Data Analytics

  7. Integrated Tip Line

  8. Real Time Operations View

All-in-One Platform

We often hear from those in the industry how amazed they are that all these features can be in one single product. This is in large part because Kaseware was created by experienced investigators who know what makes the job easier, quicker and safer. We know firsthand that even just by having just one security platform, organizations can save a tremendous amount of time and headache.

The video provides just a hint of how powerful this software can be. For a deeper dive into our features, please schedule a free demo today.

Stephen Delp is the Corporate Account Executive at Kaseware. He is a veteran and seasoned security and safety technology enthusiast and implementer.


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