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Meet the Newest Kaseware Team Members

By Korinne Condie

Announcing Our New Javascript Developers

Less than a month ago, we welcomed the latest additions to our Kaseware family: two new Javascript developers. Gino Di Gregorio and Sean Larson have been here less than a month, but they are already writing code, finding bugs, and helping to build an even better Kaseware product for our customers.

Now let’s get to know more about these two outstanding developers!

Gino Di Gregorio

Gino Di Gregorio

“Colorado born and raised, I grew up tinkering with any electronic device that I could put together and take apart. When I was three, I once took my dad’s drill and started to drill holes into the wall, then proudly showed my parents my handiwork. After graduating from Ralston Valley High School, I started my journey at the Colorado School of Mines. (For anyone who knows Mines, this is a long, hard journey.)

My first plan was for an electrical engineering major, but after taking some time off and reflecting on what I really loved, I returned to pursue a degree in computer science. The moment I knew this was what I wanted to do was when I reached the point, well past that first “Hello World” application, when I was able to actually code the pictures I had in my head. After finishing all of my course work but before “officially” graduating in August of 2019, I started looking for a job in the technology field (I got my first job before I even technically graduated).

I found Kaseware because the product intrigued me; it looked way more interesting than working as a nameless number in a large company. When I came in for my interview, it just felt right — it was like a family, somewhere I could learn, but have fun while I was doing it. I’ve been here for one month, and I already feel like I am getting my hands dirty, committing code and being a contributing member of the team.”

Sean Larson

Sean Larson

“Colorado born and raised (and technically more of a native than Gino as I am five years older), I grew up with computers and music. My first computer was an old Windows 3.1 machine that I played hours of “Tank Wars” on, and when I wasn’t playing that, I was singing in the choir. In high school, as part of Chamber Choir, I even had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall.

After high school, I moved to Wyoming to major in vocal performance at the University of Wyoming. After realizing this was a terrible life decision (as I was not competitive enough to really pursue it), I moved back to Colorado and worked for a number of years in retail. After a few years, I wanted a job that could have more impact on the community, and moved to Boulder Community Hospital as a diet clerk (it’s basically an office worker that deals with dietary needs). I liked helping patients, but I realized the medical field was not for me, and I missed working with computers.

So I left the medical industry and moved to a small software firm, starting as an administrative assistant. Over the course of five years, I moved into a development position, while simultaneously going to school full time at Regis (I was tired a lot). After graduation, I started looking for a new opportunity that could meld computer science and a field that I could find fulfilling.

One of my favorite non-computer science classes in college was Criminal Justice, and when I found Kaseware it was an opportunity to combine two subjects that I was passionate about. Just like Gino, I have been here for one month (we both started on the same day in fact), and I already see a huge amount of possibility in the system. I am excited to implement further changes to create an intelligent system for our customers.”

Welcome to the team Gino and Sean!

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Korinne Condie is the Director of Customer Success at Kaseware. She is a former government contractor with extensive experience in system engineering, operations and customer success within both government and corporate organizations.


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