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Kaseware Welcomes Michael Bobbitt as Executive Vice President of International Operations

Kaseware is pleased to introduce Michael Bobbitt, our Executive Vice President of International Operations. With a career spanning over two decades in the FBI, Mike brings a wealth of experience from the field of law enforcement to Kaseware. He will be working with our overseas clients, using his law enforcement experience to support their different investigative missions.

Journey to International Investigative Work

Before his time in the FBI, Mike studied accounting and received his Bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Florida. He was able to use his knowledge and experience as a CPA to begin a journey in public safety. 

He joined the FBI in 1998, and after completing his training, was assigned as a Special Agent to the Houston Field Office. There his squad investigated the activities of Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, culminating with large cases against the Gulf Cartel. He went on to work criminal syndicates in Colombia, specifically targeting the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, or AUC), a designated terrorist organization.

Throughout his career, Mike was embedded with FBI foreign partners working various international assignments, targeting Russian organized crime activities in Budapest as well as Bangkok. He was also the Assistant Legal Attaché in the Netherlands, where he was the FBI’s representative for collaboration with Europol and Dutch law enforcement. Mike played a significant role in the leadership of the largest coordinated global law enforcement action in history, resulting in more than a thousand arrests of organized criminal syndicate members utilizing an encrypted communication platform clandestinely operated by the FBI around the world.

When asked about his decision to work internationally, Mike said, “Rather than one conscious choice to work internationally, my decision was formed from a long series of events and circumstances. My first assignments in the FBI had me frequently conducting operations alongside partners in Central and South America, and that was where I got my first taste of the Bureau’s international mission. It wasn’t until later, during my assignment to the FBI’s Budapest Organized Crime Task Force in Hungary, that I became aware of my proclivity and growing aptitude for working abroad.”

Furthering the Mission to Provide Modern Investigative Tools Across the Globe 

Over the two decades of Mike’s work in the FBI, he noted the way technology changed how investigations were conducted. He, like most investigators who joined the Bureau in 1998, did not have access to a modern investigation management system. Instead, Mike utilized a DOS-based, computerized record keeping system called ACS, and managed paper investigative files. These time-intensive processes were a frequent challenge. He noted that the improvements made to modern investigative tools have greatly improved the work being done by investigators, especially for international agents who benefit from near instant data sharing and communication. 

“The introduction of Sentinel, the FBI’s first modern case management system, likely provided the single greatest advancement in the resources and processes of the FBI, and far outperformed other case management tools.” Mike said, “However, upon seeing that Kaseware’s capabilities have now advanced so significantly beyond even Sentinel, the two solutions can no longer be reasonably compared.”

Mike’s extensive experience in investigations, particularly in international settings, makes him an ideal fit for Kaseware. He brings a unique perspective and understanding of the complexities of transnational crimes and working with international partners to solve them. In his new role at Kaseware, Mike will work with our team to develop and implement investigation management solutions around the world, helping to understand the unique needs and challenges of our overseas clients. Our investigation case management system is designed to aid investigators in solving and completing investigations, and with Mike on board, we can be confident that our product will be in good hands with some of our most prominent customers. 


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