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Meet Our Employee – Lisa Crawford

Meet Our Team

Kaseware is fortunate to be made up of many people with backgrounds in public service; those who have used their diverse set of skills to improve the safety and well being of their communities and beyond. We are happy to highlight one who has dedicated much of her life to this effort and continues through her work at Kaseware: Lisa Crawford! Lisa is a Bookkeeper at Kaseware and someone who brings a tremendous amount of experience to the workplace as well as a valuable mindset focused on doing good. 

A History Of Service

Lisa spent many years at the FBI working as a Forensic Accountant. In this position she assisted federal agents in building cases by analyzing the financial records of the subjects of investigation. Throughout her years working, her motto was “The numbers don’t lie”, and she used this mindset to connect the dots in financial transactions to illustrate how the subject used fraudulently obtained funds to commit crimes. 

While working a case, she would research where the involved money had come from and where it had been sent, producing summaries for use in court. Her work also took her outside of just researching, allowing her to testify in court on behalf of the summaries she created. Her work had a huge impact on the cases she supported and contributed regularly to the team’s overall success. 

Looking back, Lisa recalled that the positive impacts she made on people and communities was a driving factor for her work, saying “A big thing for me is service and helping people. Being in a position in the FBI where I could leverage their resources to get money back to people who were duped or to stop people from doing harm was very important to me”. 

Supporting Investigators Through Kaseware

Retiring from the Bureau after 30 years, Lisa knew she wanted to continue working in an environment that still provided her with the ability to help investigators. Shortly after leaving she was contacted by a colleague at the FBI, Scott Schons, who knew the impact Lisa could make.  He had since transitioned to Kaseware as the Executive Director of Finance & Security and asked if she would use her finance skills again with a new team.

“What better place to work after the Bureau than a company created by two former agents. With my financial background I can directly benefit other agents again. I love that I was able to bring things full circle”, Lisa said. 

Along with the positive relationship that had been built between them during their time in the FBI, Scott also viewed Lisa’s experience as a Forensic Accountant as a valuable addition to the team.

“When you have someone who has spent a career understanding every detail about financial records, you know they are the right person to keep an eye on the finances of your company. Having someone whose experience you can trust checking to make sure Kaseware is always compliant is extremely valuable.”

Kaseware is proud to have Lisa as a member of our team as well as our journey to support investigators in keeping people safe! 


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