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Kaseware 3.9 Now Live

By Korinne Condie

This week we released version 3.9 of Kaseware! As with all of our releases, the upgrade was completed automatically, and on the next login all of the new features were ready and waiting for every user. We’re thrilled for our users to experience these exciting new features and updates.

Enhanced Features in 3.9

Amongst the many changes made in this update, some of the most noteworthy include:

  1. User Interface: Users will notice a fresh new look throughout the application. (See dashboard screenshot below for an example.) This includes Improved visual distinction between panels and background, as well as improved visual indicators for flagged documents/entities.

  2. Documents: The dynamic form builder has been redesigned to allow for a more attractive experience, as well as more more configuration options. This includes adding repeating sections, a random/sequential number generator field, and draft document hyperlinks to relevant email notifications. 

  3. Analytics: Support is now offered for new SocialNet services including Creema, FetLife, PlayStation, TikTok, Twitch, and Xbox.

  4. Miscellaneous: Improvements were made to data ingestion performance improvements and reopening calls for service.

Kaseware Dashboard

The above is just a small list of new features. Kaseware users can click the “About” link inside the Kaseware platform for the complete list (see graphic below).

Summary of Kaseware 3.9

Thank you to all of our Kaseware customers! With your help and feedback, we continue to grow and enhance the system for everyone.

Schedule a free demo today to learn more about us, our support offerings, and our incredible product features.


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